LIC Insurance Premium Delay by 1 year

POSTED BY Brijesh Prajapati ON January 24, 2011 6:34 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Manish,

Since we know that DTC would be applicable from 2012 onwords. As i m investing in LIC endowment plan along with ELSS scheme. For year 2011-12 i am planning to delay LIC premium for one year by invesing same premium amount in other ELSS scheme like tax saver mutual fund.

Would it be advisable to do so ? Share your opinion.

Thanking You.

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  1. Brijesh

    Note that in DTC , only if your premium is less than 5% of SA , you get the tax exemption . Why do you still want to continue with endowment plan at all ? Why dont you just surrender it !


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