LIC policy : Agent hiding policy details.

POSTED BY Chandrakant Sharma ON August 6, 2013 3:29 pm COMMENTS (5)

Hi, The day before yesterday I called up one lic agent. He show me some policies from which one policy was like as follow;

1) Annual Premium = appro. 56000 . Premium should be paid till 58th age.

2) Cover starts from 20 Lacs and every year it increase by certain amount (i dont remember exact by which factor). 

3) After maturity you will get sum assured + Bonus etc. 

4) And till the age of 100 / till death I would get around appro. 1.60 Lac every year.


What kind of this plan is ? When I ask this question to agent he said he will show me only when I confirm to take this policy (and only from him).

Will it be a good policy.

I want to go for term insurrance. Which has less premium. and good cover.

anybody help thanks.

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  1. Sumanth says:

    I have one point to say, please keep the investment instruments as simple as possible instead of Complex instruments which u don’t understand, believe, u will have a good portfolio

    These is my opinion only


  2. Ankush Pol says:

    Answer seems to be present in question itself 🙂

    As you are looking for term plan go for it rather than complex offer which you cannot explain just after day discussion.

    Off course this is just my opinion.

    Manish has raised point about agent which is very important…you and he/she need to trust each other to get into business.

  3. More than LIC policy, I am wondering if you should go with the agent ?

    What kind of advisor/agent he is who HIDES Info ?

    Better avoid. If he insists, tell him to give you IRR Costing ,and liquidity report for the plan, he will not come back


  4. Dear Chandrakant, please do not listen to us (Manish, Ashal, Banyan, Pattu, Ramesh, ………). all of us are fools who know nothing about the sacred cow LIC. Please purchase this policy right now.

    This is the God send opportunity to you & that agent is the DEVDOOT. Please accept his offer & be thankful to him for whole of your life that this agent gave this offer to you.

    Should I say more or Idea is clear to you? 😉



  5. BanyanFA says:

    Chandra kant,

    I don’t want to comment on how good the policy is – the reason being it is not what you are after. It is not a Term Plan and if I would be you, I would ask the agent to bugger off !

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