LIC Policy – Jivan Saral – 20 Years Money Back Policy

POSTED BY Vikas Ratnawat ON December 20, 2012 8:18 pm COMMENTS (6)

Dear Sir,

I am having one policy of LIC named as “LIC Policy – Jivan Saral – 20 Years Money Back Policy”. I already paid one premium ( INR 31534 ) but i feel that its not that much benificial, So i want to close this policy. Could you please suggest how can i close this policy OR when can i close this policy ??? If you think that i have to continue with this policy for atleast 5 years or more… Than please suggest me what all benefits i will get after 5 years or after that… Please response… My mail id is

Thanks in Advance…


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  1. Vikas Ratnawat says:

    Biswa Sir,

    Aapki baat par bilkul yakin tha but just confirm kar rahe the because i hear that if i not pay atleast 3 years premium then it become zero.

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

  2. Biswa Singh says:

    kya vikas bhai mere baat pe yakin hi nahin karte ho 🙂

  3. Vikas thats true , only when you have paid 3 yrs premiums , before that you loose everythign if you stop the premiums

  4. This is an option. Which will minimize your loss. One thing to remember that there is loss here also. what is 30 K today is worth 5660 at 8% inflation after 20 years. But it is not zero!
    So yes this is better than nothing option.

  5. Vikas Ratnawat says:

    Dear Sir,

    On the same portal Some one told me – “If you dont pay further premimum then your policy will become automatically paid up and you will get the amount along with any bonus and benefit after maturity.”

    Is the above statement is correct, that i will get my 1st premium back after the maturity???
    That means i will get my 30K after 20 Years. [:)]

  6. Here is a nice discussion on this issue


    ignore the last few comments though 🙂

    The policy will pay surrender amt only after 3 years! So you need to consider your losses. If you surrender now you will get nothing but it is not as much as paying nearly a lakh for 3 years and getting say 60-70% of it back.

    So best to get rid of it now. Yes it would feel bad to lose 30K but that is life. Everybody makes mistakes lives and learns.

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