LIC Policy Surrender Value

POSTED BY Bharat Sachin ON April 10, 2012 6:22 am COMMENTS (5)

So many of JI forum members wants to find out the surrender value of their LIC policy.
I am an NRI and cannot visit the branch to get this information. I called LIC helpline and they gave me the answer in 2minutes also they asked me to send email to customer zone for more accurate information. To my surprise the customer zone replied my email within 2hours.

I am from chennai so I asked the surrender value of my LIC polices at

Hope this information helps for people who wish to find out surrender value of their policies and cannot go to LIC office in person.

Bharat A

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  1. rtprakash says:

    Respected friends , you can know your LIC `s surrender value also at

  2. Dear Bharat A, indeed this info was very helpful.

    Thanks for providing this info.



  3. bharat shah says:

    indeed useful and pleasant surprise! when LIC gets so client friendly, we hope the same from private insurers and decision making would be easy and fast.

    1. vishu.chandel says:


      I am approaching LIC from last 5 months but there is no one who can reply of my mail.

      I have mailed on in april 2012, but no one given me reply.
      and today is 28 september 2012.
      So there is no one who can provide the good facilities…

      1. Dear Vishu, you can resend a mail as well as contact on customer care phone no. also.



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