LIC’s Endowment plus ULIP

POSTED BY Hari Sudhan ON June 21, 2012 12:43 pm COMMENTS (4)

Please throw some light on the details of LIC’s Endowment plus ULIP ( Table no 802)
Term 10 years
Single premium 30K
Sum assured 50K

Hari Sudhan

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  1. Hari Sudhan says:

    Thanks Ashal, will do so 🙂

    Hari Sudhan

  2. Hari Sudhan says:

    Hi Ashal

    I am trying to figure out why in first place I took this policy ?

    Anyway, what I was looking is what are the benefits I get from this plan ?

    Do I have to wait for 10 years to receive the return ?

    a) If Yes, what shall be the return ?
    – I assume its market based, if so why should I wait for the complete term, I mean whats the beneift for me in waiting for the completion of 10yrs ?

    b) If No, Can i withdraw the amount based on market rate at any point of time ? If so, will I have to pay any penalty ?

    Hari Sudhan

    1. Dear Hari, the surrender is possible. What ‘ll be the charge if any, please check your policy bond or contact LIC office, not your agent.



  3. Dear Hari, Just FYI please, as the sum assured is just 50K rs. against the prem. amount of 30K Rs. which is more than the 20% of the sum assured, whatever maturity amount you ‘ll receive be taxable. Should I add more?



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