Link SBI Home Loan to S/B a/c

POSTED BY Mallika ON June 4, 2012 3:25 pm COMMENTS (9)


I took a home loan from SBI in 2009. At that time I did not had any savings a/c with SBI. After that I opened a s/b a/c. Please guide me how do I link both the a/c. I visited the respective branches and they are unable to help me out.

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  1. Aditya says:

    I am unable to link my SBI Home Loan account to existing SBI SB account. Every time I need to visit the branch and get the hard copy after waiting for a couple of hours. SBI SAMADHAAN / YONO apps were not at all helpful. No support from respective branch when I call them. Please help!!!

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      With SBI I dont think you can expect what ICICI or HDFC gives you!

  2. Mallika Paul says:

    Thanks for the help Ashal. I just have another query. As you mentioned that I “can’t access both accounts in a common user ID” – in that case, can I ask for new net banking credentials for my Home loan a/c? If yes, will just submitting the registration form suffice?

    1. Dear Maulika, please read my prev. reply again. Your home loan account CIF was generated in 2009. Your SB account CIF (which is different from home loan CIF) was generated later on. Now you can not merge both CIFs in to one. So the option is to open a new SB account in the home loan CIF & do the rest things as discussed already.




      I asked bank officials about giving online facility on my loan account. but i was told, net banking is done only for Savings account. so apparently the only option seems is to open new SB a/c with home loan account CIF.

      BTW this thread is quite old, so is there any change in rules for merging two CIFs

  3. Mallika Paul says:

    I am able to direct the EMI payments from the SB a/c by submitting a request. Now I want to get net banking access for both loan & ban account within a single user ID. So that I can track the payments and also view the IT certificate using net banking, rather than running to the branches everytime.

    1. Dear Mallika, it seems that there are 2 CIFs generated. The earlier one for your home loan & later one for SB account. As there are 2 different CIFs, you can’t access both accounts in a common user ID. Option to you is – first open a new SB account with CIF of home loan account & later on divert EMI payment to this new account.

      As far as I know, merging of 2 CIFs is not possible or may be not allowed in SBI banking software. that’s why I’m asking you to open a new SB account under home loan CIF.

      By the way – CIF stands for Customer Information Folio.



      1. Sani says:

        If CIF is Same , Can I Link both accounts online.

  4. Dear Mallika, are you asking for payment of EMI from your new SB account of SBI or you are asking to get net banking access for both loan & ban account within a single user ID.



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