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POSTED BY varsha kshirsagar ON July 30, 2013 12:56 pm COMMENTS (8)

Dear Sir,

I want to invest Rs 3 Lacs in some Fund.

Have heard about Liquidity Fund and wish to invest in the same.

But I dont have clear idea about the Fund like how it works, how much it yeilds returns, what is the risk factor involved etc.

Can any one here shed some light on this.








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  1. varsha kshirsagar says:

    hmm.. thanks..

    Have already invested certain amount in shares, Mutual Funds, FDs.

    Apart from Liquid Fund, is there any other option of investment where in I can invest Rs 3 Lacs.
    (Dont wish to invest in Post Office like NSCs etc)

  2. varsha kshirsagar says:

    Thank you All.

    But what is rate of interest in Liquid Fund.
    For Savings Account its hardly 4%.


    1. It IS 4% for SB.

      For a liquid fund it should roughly be around 6% before tax.

  3. Please have a goal in mind before investing. Unless you have a goal you will never be happy with any investment.

    A simple search for liquid fund will give you all the information need.

    @ Mohit please do not compare liquid fund with SB account even for the sake of argument. They are very different in every way possible.

    without a goal suggesting an instrument is impossible.

    1. Mohit Pandey says:

      @ Pattu, totally agree with you. I was not comparing liquid fund with SB account what I wanted to say is liquid funds are batter for parking money instead of parking it in SB account.

      1. not really true. that depends on the ones outlook

        for the present question what to do depends on the goal. so leave that be.

        take an emergency fund as an example. i will choose a liquid fund only after I breach the 10k tax free limit.

        we must understand there is a very real possibility of losing money in a liquid fund.

        so we must understand what ‘better than sb means’ from all aspects

        1. Mohit Pandey says:

          correct, every ones outlook is different towards investment products. If I want to invest I will never choose liquid fund for that but for emergency fund I will also choose liquid fund only after I breach the 10K tax free limit.

          every investment product whose return linked to market there is always a possibility of losing

          also comparing SB a/c with liquid fund is also not correct since both are totally different, while the first one is for parking money without worrying about interest while the later one is a invest investment product with low risk.

          its nice to discuss with you 🙂

  4. Mohit Pandey says:

    Varsha, Liquid fund have the lowest risk hence return’s also low.
    It is like parking money in saving account with high return than saving account.

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