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I was also thinking to get 25 L. load from the same bank.

Having research, i concluded at 2 option:

1) Axis Bank: which give me at 11.50%.
2) Tata finance: which give me at 10.50%

But recently i read a real case at:

This issue now make me to hesitate and opens the eye how banks cheat customer..!

So i wanted to know that:

1) is Tata Finance reliable to for my loan?

2) What points should i keep in mind/check thoroughly before i sign load documents?

Your comments/suggestion will help me in my decision.

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  1. Jatin Kacha says:


    I gone through the link.
    Bit confusion, how exactly loan using OD will work?

    Do you have any illustrative example of this?

    Generally, as of i know, OD is sectioned based on the balance that you have in your account.
    Now say if i have only 5 Lac. in my acc. then how will bank grant my 20-25L loan.

    I did try to find over net for detailed info. on SBI MaxGain, but didn’t find comprehensive detail.

    1. Dear Jatin, thanks for writing in. the OD limit on that Max Gain account comes out from the home loan amount sanctioned to you. So it may be 20-25 or even 30L Rs as per your sanctioned home loan amount. Once this loan amount is used to purchase your house, your OD limit becomes -20- or 25 or 30L Rs. as the case may be.

      Now you have to put your normal surplus to use it like any normal OD account.

      If you are still facing problem, you may contact me over phone.

      Disclosure – I’m using SBI Max Gain for my own home loan.



      1. Jatin Kacha says:


        I got it now. So the advantage of going for Max Gain is that you have to pay interest for only you withdraw from your OD, and not on whole principal.

        At the same time you can transfer balance from your account to your OD so that it starts filling amount which you withdraw from It.

        That seems to be good option. I will reach to my nearest branch and inquire about it.

        Thanks again for your valuable feedback. This will help me in taking right decision.


  2. Jatin Kacha says:


    Yes i am talking about home loan only.
    Let me check the link.


    1. Dear Jatin, I ‘ll wait for your response.



  3. Dear Jatin, is it the home loan you are talking about? Please have a look for SBI’s Max Gain home loan product.

    Please check the below link –




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