Loan with WRITE OFF Status in CIBIL Report

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Dear Manish,

I had taken a Personal Loan of 150000 from CITI Financial in Nov 2009 and Recently around 5 months back I became defaulted for non paying of EMI for 4 months and CITI Financial has reported my status as WRITTEN OFF but still I continue paying my dues every month paying 2 EMI to ensure my outstanding reduces but I could see in my report only Principal amount is reducing and interest is increasing and I dont know what to do and agency person is forcing me to settled down by paying 45k against total outstanding of 90000 collectable as per statement but he is not giving any guarantee on Written off status removal, Please let me know how do i repair my credit report ,I dont want to go for settlement either ,I had paid money to Debt Doctors company who claimed to solve these kind of issues ,but after taking money they haven’t called me back till now nor did any research on my account. Please let me know best solution to come out as well as repair my credit report so ensure in future no problem for me to take Housing loans

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  1. Gaurav says:

    I took loan commercial vehicle loan on October 2015 from HDB finance ..I paid all installments only 4 installment left my vehicle meet with an accident so I was not able to pay my loan .. HDB call me to give 110000 and give me wavier of 64000 .. now this is showing in my cibil account .. I need help ho to clear this thing my contact 8950

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      You cant clear it .. You have paid less and settled it .. so it will be in your CIBIL ..

      If you want to get it removed, then you have to pay it in full and then get NOC from the lender .. It will then go out of your CIBIL in 90 days!


  2. Anish verma says:

    I will paid full amount on 12 Jan 2021. But my cibil is showing write off . I will many mails on Bajaj Allianz but my cibil is not updated plz help me

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Hi Anish

      It takes time. Check after 2-3 months time . I will surely get updated!

  3. Abhishek says:

    Hi my Citi card has got into write off status recently will I get time to clear the due amount if so how much time will I get generally

    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi Abhishek

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  4. Priti Ruj says:

    Hello sir, Priti Ruj
    sir mere papa 2007 me ek tho tata ace ka gari liye the uska pura payment clear hai NOC bhi mil gaya hai lekin 10 dn pehele loan apply kiye the tb cibil report me dikhaiya ki papa ka 5777 rupiya principle written -off dekha raha hai
    .Isilaia kahi pe bhi Loan nahi ho raha hai.
    sir iska reason and solution batiye please
    please sir as early as possible

  5. Manish says:

    Hi Manish,

    I was using CITI bank and SCB credit card 2 years back. Due to some personal issue,s I was not able to make the payment in last 15 month. Now, I have paid all the dues on 15th May-17. Policybazar is showing 482 Cibil score with written off. Citibank credit card is showing closed now. How much it will take to be available for Loan or credit card application.

  6. vijayakumar says:

    Hi, I pre-closed my loan on 4th month which i had with Bajaj Finance after defaulting once. Now my cibil report showing the status as Written Off and Settled. I’m unable to get any loans/cc’s due to this.

    I do have NOC from Bajaj. Is there anyway i can make BajajFin to update the status as Closed in Cibil?

    1. Yes, get in touch with them and talk about this. IF you have paid in full after default. There has to be a better status than a WRITTEN OFF.


  7. Naveen jose says:

    Hi sir
    I had a gold loan with state bank of india for rs 50000
    Taken on17/01/2012 and closed on 17/09/2015 stating written off.
    Total write off amount: rs 0.00
    Principal write off amount :rs 0.00
    Settlement amount : rs 0.00
    Amount overdue: rs 0.00
    Current balance: rs 0.00
    The gold rate when borrowing was rs 2580
    And the gold rate upon file suit was rs2460
    Am i eligible to get an noc for this Case
    Since the writeoff amount is NIL

  8. Anshul says:

    I was not able to pay my credit card amount. It was from Citi bank. Now the amount is written off and showing in Cibil report. I never paid from one n half year. My Cibil score is 532 and not able to get any loan or credit card. If I pay the amount which is write off to Citi Bank, does that will increase my credit score? Or their is any other way to improve the cibil score? Request your help in this regard.

    1. I think you have lost the most crucial time now . Its not going to be an easy task now to improve the CIBIL score. Yes, you can close the debt now, but its not going to instantly improve things for you .. . It will take a lot of times to fix your issue


    2. Mayank says:

      Have you paid your due amount? How much time it take to improve the CIBIL score.. I am also in the same situation.

  9. Rameshwar Patawa says:

    Hi Manish I had a loan of RS 56000 from Citi Bank .After paying some amount I stopped paying EMI . BANK come to me for settlement.I pay Rs13200 what the bank asked. But in my cibil score it shows Post(wo) settled but it not showing written off amount.I contacted the bank .They asked RS 23000 for no due certificate. Is it true that after paying RS 23000my name will be disappeared from cibil.At present my cibil score is 809.Can I get loan from any bank in this circumstances?

    1. If they give you in writing that they will remove the full remarks and give you a clean chit, then YES

  10. Kumar says:

    Hi sir, I had a cash credit loan of rs. 8 lakh from sbi . Due to some reason i had to shutter my business and sttle my loan account but instead of settling the loan account (having sttlement letter) my account is showing write off in cibil.
    Please guide what should i do to rectify the status in cibil.

      1. Kumar says:

        Hi sir, thanks for advice .. today i got a rectified status from cibil that bak has changed the written off or settled status to clear existing status. Can you pleade give me a clarity on clear existing status as i am not able to understand this staus is positive or negative for my rank.

        1. CLEAR is a good remark !

  11. tukaram haldankar says:

    cibil track or transunion score are the bureau which leads a simple person to go in black list, the future goes dead in business or any natured willingness which he or she could enjoy, a person have full right to enjoy the given facility, if a person in his life suffer a financial problem and want to start another small or big business and start it if cibil was not theree he can cler his loan and old loan after earning from his business but due to this faltu cibil, the person goes in bad credit who didnt get loan and its survive for him and hiis family, please close this all cibil system to show crdit history let the people go for loan take loan or or let bank give loan as per their repayment ability, and on project report of his business,. please share the same to be freee from this cibil,,,,rehabitation and insurance for industries do pass then why the cibil do not clearing help goet from govt,govt should not take their decision means of cibil, but should listen ours its democracy, people is first on earth and after tht the ministers and cibil. please share this to all ,.ai m sure i will close this all cibil system from india. people should not go in blacklist because everyone and their family have right to take benefit and enjoy the natural beauty and needs,,also as per our constitution this is not a crime, so this is an harrassment from the govement for whom we elected,

    1. Thanks for your comment tukaram haldankar

  12. Babloo says:

    Suit filed and written off in credit card repayment and the account is open,if I pay my dues is there is any chance to improve my Cibil

  13. Zulfequar Parvez Hussain says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had obtained business loan from HDFC bank & paid the loan amount fully but in CIBIL report my status shown as WRITTEM OFF/SETTLED status. Written off total 81804/- but in fact i had paid each & every paisa that was due & payable in the A/c & the HDFC has not written off any amount, i have fully paid principal, interest amount. HDFC Bank has charged overdue charges Rs. 12534/- which I request to waive off & they have no idea about how they have accounted & HDFC bank told me to pay Rs. 21000/-(1 EMI Rs.18329+2671 as over due) & I have paid. But i dont understand HDFC Rs. 81804/- amount where and when accounted only Rs. 9863/- overdue waive off. I raise a dispute to CIBIL and HDFC but no satisfied reply received. You are therefore requested to please how can I remove these things from my CIBIL report and how can I improve my CIBIL score. It is 625 at present.

    Appreciate your helpful suggestion.

    Zulfeqar Parvez Hussain

    1. I that case you need to check with the lender why they have updated wrong remarks !

  14. Aman Sharma says:

    Hi, My Name is Aman and I have some question regarding my CIBIL details I have a written off loan of Rs. 25000 with Citi Financial from 2007, now I checked my cibil report it shows total amount of Rs 29124 with written off status, also I had an auto loan which I paid in 36 month as per the agreement but out of 36 there are 25 ECS bouncing in my account as I had a concern of salary date and ECS date, now what happened is happened my CIBIl score is 627 and want to know what to do for increasing my CIBIL

    1. Sadly, you cant fix this very soon . THe old history will impact you !

      1. Aman Sharma says:

        I made complete payment on 31st Dec’16 to Kotak as same is bought by Kotak, any way to improve my CIBIL now.

  15. Ramesh says:

    Now total outstanding amounts 3,34000 and Principal outstanding amount is 279620. is it possible to clear-off the CIBIL with Principal Outstanding? and is it possible to get the NOC with prinicipal O/S?

    1. That you need to check with the lender itself !

  16. siva says:

    Hi Manish.






    If I want to pay to the bank how much amount I need to pay them?

  17. nithin says:

    Hello manish

    this is nithin and i have credit card from axis bank which limit is 40000 and they

    have given me loan worth 156000 upon creditcard . i took loan on last year nov-2015 so till now

    i didn’t make single payment and in march-2016 that amount goes up 3,10,000 rs with interest

    rate and late fee. again in may -2016 they reversed all late fee and interest rate i didn’t ask

    them to cutdown amount they did it automatically . now in my statement reflecting only

    2,06,000 principle amount , bank people are calling me asking for settlement but i asked them

    for clearance they said ok they asked me to pay 2,06,000 amount which is reflecting on

    statement i am ready to pay the amount so after i made payment do they change my cibil

    status from written off to clear (or) settle . actually they have come up with settlement 1 lach

    also but i am paying principle amount can i trust they do they update my status as closure with

    no dues

    1. So whats the question ?

      1. nithin says:

        after clearing outstanding amount they are giving noc to me . so is that considered as settlement or closure with no duo’s please suggest me i want them to update my status as clear

        1. NOC does not mean that you paid full amount. NOC only means that company will not harrass you in future for this. But they are free to report it to CIBIL .

          1. nithin says:

            ok so which certificate i required to update status as clear in cibil

            report . AND IF i pay the total current outstanding amount will they

            bank people issue clearance certificate to me ??? they are saying

            two words they will give NOC and if i ask specifically clearance

            certificate also the manger promising that they will give clearance

            certificate so please suggest me i have current 2,09,000

            outstanding amount showing my statement i am ready to pay out obtain clearance certificate from them

            1. Yes, pay full money and take NOC and also ask them for a letter where they tell that they will update CIBIL with CLOSED status with clean remarks

  18. jay says:

    Dear Sir,
    I used a credit card for 38000 in the past and could not pay the bank for few years.
    Now I would like to pay the amount and apply for cibil Masking. I checked my cibil report, it says pending amount as 40000.
    If I pay the whole amount 40000 will the bank agree for Cibil Masking or Do I have to pay extra than the 40000.
    I understand Cibil Masking means, all the details regarding that credit will be removed the Cibil report. Is this correct.

    1. That you will have to check with the bank only!

  19. PaddaReddyMallidi says:

    Dear Manish,

    I was using ABN AMRO credit card in 2006 and I don’t have any dues but after that I left India and then never used the CC since 10 years. Just 2 days back I got the call from the agency to pay the annual charge and the interest of just 2034 rupees. I have checked my CIBIL report today and it is showing the same amount as default with written off status.

    The CIBIL report shows two records with different lenders name like Phoinix Arc (from 2013 to 2016) and RBS N.V (from 2010 to 2013) with the same amount of 2034.

    They told me that they will issue the NOC and refresh the CIBIL record and I am waiting for an email from them with the details to pay online. Do you think they will refresh both the records or do I need to check anything from them before paying and amount.

    Appreciate your helpful suggestion.

    1. Yes, they WILL

      I really think you should pay it off and close the matter. Its a small cost to pay .

      1. mohan says:

        Dear Manish,

        The bankers are cheated all their customer by way of blackmail using Cibil. Your replies are supported by Bank only not customers. Sorry sir.

  20. Nik says:

    Dear Manish,
    I settled one PL with HDFC, one CC with ICICI and one car loan with Axis was written off due to severe breakdown in my financial condition. How can I remove these things from my CIBIL report and how can I improve my CIBIL score. It is 540 at present.

    1. murali says:

      Status in my cibil report as WRITTEN OFF /SETTLED STATUS.Consumer loun sanction agaist to me and over due rs.1199/- in my cibil report.i have Not taken any CONSUMER LOUN in any plase avaid word of WRITTEN-OFF in my cibil report (or)which bank is sanction consurmer loun details please send.

      1. Hi murali

        This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  21. nchidipo says:

    I took Durable loan with Capital-First in Feb 2014 with period of 9 months. I paid first 6 EMI’s on time but the last EMI i didn’t paid, one fine day i got call from Capital-First Legal team and they asked me to clear rest of amount. So i paid remaining amount in single shot using Capital first online portal in Aug 2015. Recently in Feb 2016 i pull CIBIL Report and i found the above account marked as “WRITTEN-OFF” and Raised Dispute with CIBIL, I observed in latest (in May 2016) CIBIL report that the status changed “WRITTEN-OFF” to “POST(W/O) Settled”. I discussed with Capital First Customer care many times. They just given reply like “you paid amount in stage of WRITTEN-OFF status. so it should be POST(W/O) Settled. it won’t change further”

    Is that true? and How do i remove that status from My CIBIL?

    1. Yes, once you didnt pay the last EMI, it was written off by company and then you paid after they contacted you, so they are right. You settled the loan in a written off stage !

      1. Ravi Bhular says:

        Hi Manish,
        Above mentioned situation is mine also. I have not settled with less amount with finance company rather I have paid full amount due what they demanded. While on my initial enquiry with finance company they told me that all my EMI’s are fully paid and there are some charges which I have to pay. So I cleared all the dues just to clear my CIBIL status. Now it is showing POST(WO) settled due to which SBI bank is denying my car loan application. Kindly guide how can I clear my post(wo) settled status so that I can avail loan.

        1. Post (WO) Settled: This is another not so good remark to see on a credit score. This simply means that you post account being written off, the lender and the individual have settled the loan (this settlement amount is generally lower than the actual amount due).

          As you have not SETTELED , please check wiht lender why did the update it ?

  22. Uday says:

    I had defaulted on my credit card. But after I got a job I paid the overdue amount. Also, since the CIBIL report was showing written-off status, I talked to my relationship manager and paid the amount which they had written off erlier, they referred it as CIBIL masking amount. It was mostly late payment charges, fines and interest. I paid it in full as guided by the bank.
    My report is still showing written off status. Is there anything I could do to rectify the status? Can you guide me through this?

    1. If you have fully paid off everything then the bank has to update the CIBIL with correct status. Check with them on this and keep taking updates from time to time

  23. Veena says:

    Dear Manish,

    I am been reading your articles. Its really helpful.

    Thank you so much for all your inputs.

    I too need your advice. I used my SCB credit card in Dec 2010 and paid the full amount in Mar 2011 at one shot. Since the late payment was too high, I had asked them to waive it off but they didnt and month on month it only kept increasing, I agreed to pay the original late payment amount but they didnt accept. After that I asked them to close my card which they didnt do but stopped sending the statements.

    I now see in CIBIL statement, the interest has grown up to almost 32K. The people who calls to me on this regard sounds too rude and lastly said that I can Rs. 17.5K and close this (after reading your post I am afraid if it is only settlement amount)

    I feel its really too much to pay even 17.5K for the sake of a late payment fee. Please advise as how can I handle this.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. I know it sounds unfare , but company has done everything as per terms and conditions and as per normal industry rules which every bank does. I suggest pay it off and close the chapter. CIBIL issues can be very frustrating and you might not get a loan in future which you will regret badly !

  24. Shishir says:


    I had loan of 1 lakh from HDFC bank for 3 years tenures and I completely paid all dues and principal amount in 4 years (in April 2015). My issue is, Recently I checked my Cibil Report and got Bank reported it for “Written Off” in CIR, but account is closed and no dues. Please provide me solution that what is it, why mentioned Written Off in CIR and how to remove it.

    Thank & Regards,
    Shishir Jha

    1. For this you will have to contact the bank only and check with them on why they have updated the CIBIL with written off status when you paid everything ?

  25. Sarfaraz says:

    I had taken a Personal Loan of 50000 from CITI Financial in July 2007 and due to financial problem i am not able to pay the EMI and I became defaulted for non paying of EMI and CITI Financial has reported my status as WRITTEN OFF. can you told me whether i go for full settlement or can i get the chance to pay the EMI facility once again as i feel i am financialy sound to pay.

    1. DEAR says:


  26. Manjunath says:

    Above mentioned amount is not settlement amount, Its final amount payable as per my statement and they are just waving off only Check Return charges of 2000rs . Anyway Thank you very much for your suggestion ,surely will close at once instead of Making partial

  27. Manjunath says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you very much for your reply,I had contacted the Customer Care Officer 2 days back and discussed about WRITE OFF Status and they have confirmed me that If i pay 78,447 against 80,022 (Waive off Return Charges ) They would close the loan and update the CIBIL as “Closed with Nil Dues” after closing dues and they have sent me the Email Confirmation about the same. Please let me know your view on this ? Shall I go for Single Closure or Continue Paying 10k every month instead of EMI of 5k and close the loan since I am not very sure at this point of time will be able to arrange full amount.

    1. You should make payment in FULL , not partial , Dont go for settlement even if bank says so , it will be reported to CIBIL

  28. You paid to debt doctors, which was not required. they cant do anything anyways

    1. Your account is closed actually from the bank side and they have updated it as WRITTEN OFF , the meaning of that is that they have closed your account and now consider you as “this guy will never pay, lets consider it as FULL loss” .

    2. Talk to customer care guys and go to the bank , dont talk to collection agency at all , they have a different view and understanding about credit .

    3. I am not sure if you can still repay on monthly basis now , as the loan is written off, now its like either dont pay anything or pay FULL ! . So thats why the interest is going up .

    Contact the bank customer care and go physically to bank now .

    Dont make EMI payment unless you get full clarity on this issue


    1. PANNEER says:

      Hi Manish

      Without my concurrence one credit card was issued and i refused to pay for the issue charges.The company wriiten off the fees and it is appearing in my CIBIL report.I am not sure about the name of the issuing company.How to know the name of the Company and remove it from the CIBIL report.

      1. You need to check with CIBIL on the name of the company. It must be on your report anyways !

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