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I , venu gopala swamy.b an engineer. un knowingly i have been entered in CBIL. defaulters

list. recently i have been rejected by HDFC bank when i applied for personel loan. my score is

560. i have been entered in CBIL due to credit card settlements. now my request is please

clarify my doubts.

A) which is the best way to clearoff my name from CBIL to improve the score ?

B) any agency to correspond on behalf of me with CBIl to clearoff ?

c) Now i required personel loan to meet my emergencies. is there any genuine pvt.financiers or non banking agencies to provide personel loans without considering CBIL

D) i came to know that there is one site i.e is it believable? to take loans or please intimate any other sites to provide personel loans ?

F) finally guide me to get personel loan guinienly without considering CBIL As I am engineer in govt.sector having salary 57,000 p.m take home

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  1. Ramz says:

    Hi Venu,
    The following link might answer you regarding your cibil scores

    I heard it might take some good regular repayment of your EMI and credit card bills to improve your score. But sorry to say, it might be a time taking process.

    I had one friend who was able to get loan from some bank even though his loan is rejected by some banks due to his cibil score. May be some international banks might help you(Please keep trying for as many banks as possible if you have no other option than personal loan)

    1. Multiple loan applications will show you up as hungry for credit and will be basis for future rejections. If you have the CIBIL score just go and ask different banks whether they will sanction with this report. If they agree only then apply than indiscriminately applying to several banks.

      1. Ramz says:

        Oh sorry, I mean to get initial approval based on your cibil score and not actual loan application. 🙂

  2. Dear Venu, please liquidate your investments if you are so much in need. Apart from that you may go for Gold sell off if you do have any in the house. Please do not go for Gold loans as it ‘ll be costly & you may not get the required amount.

    By the way, earning a handsome salary of 57000 Rs. & still not able to pay your credit card dues in time & chose to settlement option. I’m sorry dear but there is some serious problem with your behavior towards money. Please check it seriously.



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