Long Term Investment

POSTED BY Bharat ON July 26, 2012 8:19 pm COMMENTS (2)

i want to invest 10 lac for long term.which one is best option for me.
i am married n 32 age.
till now i can only think of NRI Fixed Deposit.
please suggest.

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  1. bharat says:

    Thanks manish for your valuable reply.
    can you also please suggest any good bank in india for NRI Account and NRI Fixed deposit.
    also please give me some more details about Index fund linked to NIFTY as i dont know anything about it.
    i just have few SIP and some shares that is only knowledge i have in Share market.
    thanks again in advance.

  2. NRI fixed Deposit is one option, but for such a long period, you should seriously consider some amount of equity component , I suggest investing in an Index fund linked to NIFTY , that will not call for regular monitoring also

    Note that you should deploy this 10 lacs in 6 parts , as the markets are down for last 5 yrs , its a very good time to enter equity with 10 yrs view !

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