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Dear all,


after bit of reserach  and with help of jagoinvestor I have strarted investing in MF through SIP since 10-10-10 and with a investment horizon of min 10 years( Probably 10-10-20).

plese review my MF portfolio and advice me


HDFC Top 200   Rs 5000 

DSPBR Top 100  Rs 4000

Fidelity Equity   Rs 4000

IDFC Premier equity Rs 6000

Reliance Growth  Rs 6000

Reliance diversified Power Rs 5000

ICICI Infrastructure  Rs 5000


Total of Rs 35000 per month and i chose Growth option.

Is it well diversified? any changes required? plese post your comments.

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  1. bharat shah says:

    i like to add some points, which may be a help:

    1. in addition to valueresearchonline.com, morningstar.co.in is a good site for mf. some different tools of analysing of thought of mf portfolio are available. one is i think, ‘x-ray’. by putting your thought of portfolio schemes %age allocation, you can have complete ‘x-ray’ of the portfolio.
    2. i concur with ramesh’s advice in total, and like to add that one should decide some benchmark of (one year and more period ) performance categorywise for getting no. of funds decreased , or induction of new fund. say 20-25% of the top performer of the category.
    3. i found that multicap diverfied mutual funds as a category and top performers for different period are performing better. this may be because the fund managers may have flexibility for selection .you may look them also.

  2. Giri says:

    Dear Rajendran,

    Thank you for the advise. I am ready to take risk as my horizon is very long term.
    I will add these details to Valueresearchonline portfolio.


  3. Rajendran says:

    You add all your MF funds to Valueresearchonline site portfolio and see the analysis part. It will give you a some what details about ur investment.

    I think your investment would have lot of Largecap funds hence the returns would be mostly in line with the index.
    You may need to alter your funds so that you can hav enough (this you can decide upon your risk taking ability) of exposure to Mid cap and Small Cap they are the one which can provide the necessary kick for your returns.

    Downside in have Mid and Small cap fund is that they will fall a lot during the downtrend .

  4. Giri says:

    Thanx Manish,

    In fact i was waiting for your comments.

    please suggest me the right mix of MF’S


  5. Ramesh says:

    I would say, it is too diversified to be of any significant advantage.

    Keep 2 out of first 3.
    Either of next 2.

    Sectoral themes usually are not advisable, if you do not know how they work and how you should manipulate among them.

    Keep an international fund. <-- that is my opinion!! Ramesh

    1. Giri says:

      Dear Ramesh

      Thank you for your advice

      1. Giri

        Yes .. I think you should make sure you do not take the same kind of stuff in different avatars , actually even if you buy 2-3 funds , it will have the same kind of exposure in the stocks .Almost same


    2. salildhawan says:


      I will advise you to make a strong , stable core large cap portfolio before looking into midcap small cap funds or even a sectoral funds.

      Go for

      Franklin India Bluechip – 7000
      DSP BlackRock TOp 100 – 7000
      HDFC Equity – 7000
      UTI Dividend Yield – 7000
      Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity – 7000

      Avoid Sectoral or mid small cap funds for now……

      Salil Dhawan

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