Looking for a basic Financial Planning PPT.

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Thought of adding this part to our company new recruits. I am not an expert in FP but I have done lot of stupid mistakes. Now atleast I know they are due to my wrong decisions.

Let me know if you guys come across any simple PPT on Goal setting and early investing etc.

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  1. There are many websites giving information for beginners and professionals. Just look them and start reading them. Subscribe them to get updates in your email or RSS.

    Some of them are:

    Also, do not hesitate to question your doubt. Just ask them and some one will surely reply to that, You’ll learn the basics slowly and slowly.

    Hope it will help you.

  2. Dominic Prakash says:

    This is very extensive and might be very useful for many of us.

    This may not be useful for the group in my mind.


  3. shashank kashettiwar says:

    Hi Dominic,
    I’m Financial Planner. I belong to a Pune based financial planning organisation called FEePAL( Financial Educare and Planning Associates’ League). We have evolved a process through which a client is educated and his financial planning is created simultaneously in a holistic way.
    We do have a partial PPT version of this process but as it is developed to be presented by a planner to a live audience, it may not serve the purpose here. We also have a verbatim translation of the presentation reproduced in the financial plan document which we give to a client. The purpose is to let the client revisit the educative/wisdom sharing part of the process at his leisure.
    Many lay persons are readers of various blogs/books/articles or may have attended/watched discourses on the topic of financial planning but putting it all together is seemingly a difficult task. Our process teaches a person how to put it all together. It provides an exact path one should traverse upon.
    We have not uploaded this process on our website or published it elsewhere yet.(The website is under construction and very rudimentary at the moment.) So in a way it is proprietory material. But your querry made me think why not share it with a larger audience for their benefit. It will help a lay person and a financial planner as well.
    Give me a few days to make some technical changes in the document formats and upload. Meanwhile I will talk to my associates also regarding disclosing this material/matter to general public. But I think they will give the consent as one of our mission is to spread the financial literacy.
    If you, other readers and Manish also show interest then I will proceed further. Meanwhile just to show you a glimse of the process I’m pasting the index of our plan document underneath.( You may find some terms/ideas in it unfamiliar/strange as you have not been taken through the process. )It may not give any idea but at the moment I can’t think how to show efficacy of the process in any other way. Hope you understand me.



     Executive Summary 01-01
     Financial Planning – ‘ THE STRUCTURE’ 02-09
     Money Working Hard? – ‘THE MEANING’ 10-10
     Human Capital Assessment – Qualitative & Quantitative Aspects. 11-13
     Personal Info – Qualitative & Quantitative Data. 14-17
     Jigsaw Puzzle of Life – Two Corner Pieces of Financial Planning. 18-19
     Assets: Data & Analysis ( Old & Existing Money ) 20-22
     Recurring Cash Flow: Data & Analysis (New Money) 23-27
     The Core Assumptions:
    Steady State View & Related Set of Assumptions 28-28
     Valuing the Corner Pieces of Jigsaw Puzzle of Life & Projections
    (The Scene at Retirement age & Scene Today) 29-31
     The Universal Principles 32-32
     Analysis & Comments on Corner Pieces Valuations 33-33
     The Notional Asset: – Nature, Need & Role of it. 34-34
     The Middle Pieces of Jigsaw Puzzle of Life
    (Intermediate Goals – Buying Car, Home, Child Education, Marriage etc.) 35-35
     Analysis & Comments on Middle Pieces 36-36
     Some Intermediate Goals in details & issues connected with. 37-38
     Your Risk Planning & Existing Portfolio: Analysis and Comments. 39-39

     The Insurance Planning Triangle: Life – Health – Disability
    (Identifying your various insurance needs & Budget Allocations) 40-41
     Insurance Planning – ‘THE PRIMER’
    (The basics, the products positioning & the strategy) 42-48
     Recommendation for insurance portfolio.
    The E: D of the Portfolio. The R: N of whole Assets. 49-52
     Investment Planning :
    (Real assets planning & devising multiple risk profile portfolio) 53-59
    Cash Flow analysis for One Year.
     The Projections of Real assets along with Notional assets
    Over lifetime / working life. (Availability of Money,
    Liquidity at different goals ages). 60-63
     Charity Planning 64-64
     Tax Planning & Issues : A collective glance 65-65
     Importance of monitoring, rebalancing, reviewing & revising. 66-67
     Implementation schedule & action taken report 68-68
     Monitoring & Review Schedule 69-69
     Disclosures & Disclaimers 70-70

    Core Associate-FEePAL

  4. Kavita says:

    Hi Dominic,

    There are few presentations at http://www.investorfirst.in some very basic stuff is available on this site, just check it out if this is what you want.

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