Looking for an apt bank/fund to invest that could create corpus fund for about 20 years now

POSTED BY Kavitha Kandula ON August 23, 2012 12:03 pm COMMENTS (11)

I’m 32 years and looking for an apt bank/fund that can gurantee the return with atleast 9 to 12 per annum. Planning to inverst 2k every month.

Here are my requirements

kids marriages – 50 l by 2032

Retirments – 75 L.


I also have a emi of 40k for 20 years .

Suggest where i can invest and is it enough to save 20k per month to fulfill the above requirements.





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  1. K Balaji says:

    hi Ashal
    am not suffering with any illness, but for the current situation i cant save more than 8000 in a year for term plan, hence i for 50L premium would aroun 8k only in a year.

    for SIP can u suggest me some company where i can check for those options.
    K Balaji

  2. K Balaji says:

    Iā€™m 32 years and looking for an invenstment in SIP/insurance that can gurantee the return with atleast 9 to 12 per annum. Planning to invest 2k every month. my annual income would be 5-6 lacs.

    Here are my requirements

    kids marriages ā€“ 30 L by 2032

    Also have healthy retirement life.

    during any loss of my life family should get atleast 1Cr.

    Also planned to buy a house this year and the emi will be aroung 25k per month

    Suggest where i can invest and is it enough to save 20k per month to fulfill the above requirements.

    1. Dear K Balaji, May I know why did you copy paste the original post of dear Kavitha in the initial & later on put your own nos. at the end?

      Regarding that 9-12% gtd. return. No, not possible. No such instruments is there where you can get 9-12% Gtd. return for next 25-30 years.

      Regarding your goals – Well Kids marriage is there but education is not. Why? Interestingly education of your kids is in your hands but marriage is not. šŸ™‚

      Please think over it again.

      Can you calculate a no. or define what’s healthy retirement life?

      I’m sorry in advance if you feel my post irritating. I want to help you hence questioning so much to you.



      1. K Balaji says:

        i have gone through various post regarding in this forum and may insurance forum questions and answers. Even I had a discussion with polciy bazzar guys and met them and got to know various insurance policies.. as soon as i get to know any policy from them i checked the review in jagoinvestor forum and whatever i am getting is negative feedback…say Brila vision, Tata AIG, LIC jeevan saral.. even PPF etc.. i am confused wether to go for pure term policy or regular life insurance with high value SA. Many forums i have seen your reply hence your reply is not irritated..me but i want a solution for me to get my financial planning to achieve my goal.
        since kavita’s option seems match most of the query i ahve take the same with additional input of mine.

        1. Dear K Balaji, thanks for the clarification. For investment oriented policies, I can understand the negative feedback either on this forum or elsewhere but for PPF? I’m not sure for which post you are referring to?

          Coming back to your query. A High value sum assured in an investment oriented plan, the prem. amount ‘ll be very huge & resultant benefit in terms of return generated on your money ‘ll be very less. So my take is please do not go for bundle product. Opt simple things. Purchase Term plan & invest in PPf & FDs & MFs.



          1. K Balaji says:

            thanks for your response. can i purchase a term plan of HDFC life with 50L? since no medical applicable within that, or go for AR?
            In MF, i dont have much knowledge about mutual funds, can you suggets me on SIP ( i heard that SIP is safer than MF)

            K Balaji

          2. Dear K Balaji, Are you suffering with any illness as on date? What are you afraid of your medical? Please go for a term plan as per your need & not as per the prem. or for any random no?

            Regarding SIP v/s MF, My dear friend, SIP – Systematic Investment Plan is a disciplined way to invest in MFs itself. So there is no such thing as SIP is safer than MF.

            Please devote time to read past queries. A lot of knowledge is waiting for you there.



  3. Kavitha Kandula says:

    ok, as risk is involved in every area, would like to know which is the preferred long term SIP or any post office plans where i can invest . However not concerned of guarantee 9% rate of interest.

    1. Dear Kavitha, you may invest on mly basis in Post Office RD, Banks’ RD, Pure Debt MFs, Hybrid MFs (Debt + Eq. mix), Pure Eq. funds….

      There are so many options. What to do now? Well first of all please check your own position & your requirement & accordingly opt the vehicle.



  4. Dear Kavitha, many banks now a days offering around 9 or a bit more % interest on 10Y FDs & RDs. So as per your own understanding of gtd. returns you may invest in the same. Actually due to impact of Taxation & Inflation, your real return ‘ll be less than this 9% point. Now how much you are comfortable with this is up to you. A hint has been given to you by dear Ramesh already hence not repeating the same.



  5. Ramesh says:

    Read more and understand things better.

    If you want guaranteed returns, then the rate of return will be less (sometimes, too less for you to achieve your goals). Only way then is either to increase your investment amount or decrease your goal expectations.

    If you want a higher rate of return, you need to take on risky investments.

    All investments have an inherent risk. eg:
    1. For equity based investment options, the risk is in front of you in terms of returns in short/medium terms.
    2. For debt funds, there are interest rate risks.
    3. For PPF, there is interest rate risk with illiquidity.
    4. For LIC and other endowment policies, there are return risk, the obviously low returns and illiquidity.

    Add, inflation and tax risks to each of the above.

    So, read more, learn more.

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