Mediclaim policy or family health insurance

POSTED BY Mahalakshmi ON June 16, 2011 8:51 pm COMMENTS (7)


I am planning to take mediclaim policy or family health insurance. can any one pls suggest me best plan.. i prefer LIC..

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  1. Mohit says:

    Hi Manish,

    Need ur help for health insurance.

    I have corporate health policy from my employer only for me.

    I have taken Apollo Munich easy health individual for my wife from past 3 years.

    Should I buy a new plan for my 1 year son, or any other option,(like family floter )

    Pls suggest

    1. Is there no option to include your kid in the same policy ? I guess there would be , talk to your existing company on that, or else just fill up this form and we might connect you to our health insurance partner who will help you

  2. Gaurav Kumar Srivastava says:

    Not only Maxbupa, there are also lot of good options in the market that can fulfill your requirement. I suggest, Mediclaim could be a good option, but before buy any mediclaim policy, compare the benefits and policies of different plans.
    Compare here:

  3. Anit Jogi says:

    I would suggest you Max Bupa which is one of the leading providers in health insurance in India. They offer family health insurance which not only insures you and your spouse but also takes care of entire family. You can check out their health plans at, they even give you 24/7 online service too, if you have any queries.

  4. Jawaid AlamAzad says:

    Hi Mahalakshami,
    LIC jeevan Arogya is a benefit policy here you will get claim as per your agreement with LIC irrespective of your expenses.
    In mediclaim you get reimbursed what you expend
    I know because I am working for LIC as Agent in delhi and also working for Star Health, Apollo Munich and Maxbupa health insurance co

  5. Mahalakshmi says:

    Thanks a lot Jagadees…

  6. Jagadees says:

    There is no such universal best plan in health insurance space similar to life insurance. It depends on your family size, pre-existing illness, parents and lot other factors. I would suggest you to consult health insurance broker either offline or online (like and shortlist couple of policies. Go through them and if there is any doubt in choosing then u can ask in the forum.
    I dont understand why you prefer LIC?? If it is life insurance i can understand your preference but it baffles me in case of health insurance….
    (Note: I recommended to consult medimanage because recently my friend got health insurance policy through their online service. He suggested that the entire process is smooth and satisfactory)


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