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Hi Manish/Team,

I am starting to invest in MFs thru SIPs  – below is what I’m looking at  –

I may increase this in future but for now,

– 2000 pm in Equity oriented  for long term capital gains – let’s say i will invest for 15 years and then let it grow till i retire. 

– 2000 pm in balanced fund, should be redeemable in case of any needs

– 2000 pm in tax savings fund

Can you please suggest some funds which i should consider investing, if were me? 

Should i consider direct plan or SIPs, as i will not be able to closely montior the funds on a daily basis? which is better? 

Please feel free to suggest i need to change my plan for better returns. 

Thanks in advance. 

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  1. Ashish Garg says:

    Dear Beginner,

    You can consider direct investment in MF via SIP mode.

    For equity MF scheme, there are various questions asking for same and and had been answered in past. So please go through the same.

    Since you are looking at redeeming units from Balanced funds for future needs, suggest you put your money in Debt Funds instead of Balance funds.

    Now that you are investing for long term, there is no need to monitor on a daily basis. Please monitor it regularly (may be quarterly / half yearly) but not daily.


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