Monthly income scheme of Post Office

POSTED BY naveenarichwal ON September 27, 2010 6:33 am COMMENTS (2)

Respected sir,

I want to know how much returns can i expect annually if i reinvest the monthly income from MIS of post office into Reccurent deposit scheme of Post office e.g.

if I have Rs.300000/- in MIS account and i Get Rs.2000/- p.m. of interest and i invest this Rs.2000/- every month into R.D. account in Post office, than yearly what return will i get in Rs. terms & % terms?

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  1. Elaya Kumar S says:

    Post Office MIS is for a fixed period of 6 years, whereas PO RD is for a fixed tenure of 5 years.

    Assuming you are remitting Rs.2000/- for 5 years, the maturity value would be Rs.145783/- (int at 7.5%)

  2. There is a online calculator for MIS here. Just check out.

    and for RD also

    Hope it will help you.

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