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POSTED BY Arup Kr. Dey ON June 5, 2013 8:20 pm COMMENTS (4)

I want to Invest in mutual fund for a short term say for 1 for this what I have to kept in mind before investment.Can I depend on “CRISIL” rating for mutual fund investment.
Through CRISIL I am going to know that SBI Emerging Businesses Fund (G) giving 26.15% return in one year.Can I invest in this fund??
What about the tax liability?
what about ICICI Prudential Equity-Volatility Advantage Fund (G)??

Thanks in advance. .

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  1. Dear Arup, there are so many ratings from so many providers. Which one to chose for your own decision ‘ll be your personal call.



  2. Dear Arup, if you invest in an Eq. fund & within next few days or weeks, market come down heavily, what ‘ll be your situation? Can you digest this thing? Eq. investments should be done for 10+ years at least. For short term, please use simple products like liquid funds or Bank FDs. For such short term, return is not the main thing. protection of your capital is.



    1. Arup Dey says:

      Thank you Karthik and ashal. Now for investment purpose in debt. fund,Bank FD etc. can I depend on CRISIL rating????
      plz reply.

  3. Karthik says:

    For short term period of one your, what you first keep in your mind before investment is to protect your capital.
    Equity funds are for long terms (more than 8 years). You may lose your money for short term.

    For one year, go for a short term debt fund (e.g SBI Short Term debt fund) or a liquid fund.

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