Mutual Fund Evalution

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Please share the varous technical tools to review the performance of any mutual fund. Also how to do the analysis about the future performance of the Mutual Fund by using various “TECHNICAL TOOLS”? In all the write ups in most of the websites they are just talking literature talk. I need ABSOLUTE TECHNICAL ANALYTICAL TOOLS as we are using for equity market.

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  1. meutsav70 says:

    My learning so far:
    #1: Fund manager tracking – Completely avoid the funds with the fund manager less than three years. ( Exceptions are there but those are very rare).
    #2: Expense Ratio of the fund – Funds with low expense ratios are better.
    #3: Turnover Ration of trading by the Fund manager – Trading is related to expense ratio because high relative trading ( buying & selling ) translates into higher expenses such as trading commission & research cost.
    #4: Identify the Tax – efficient funds – Lower tax es usually translates higher returns.
    #5: Considering Index Funds.

    Above 5 Ka Funda I found has some logic.

    Dear Manish, waiting for inputs from your side.

  2. meutsav70 says:

    @ RAMESH: I’m agree with you. But the technical analysis provide ( up to whatever extent) some logic or rational to one’s analysis.

  3. Ramesh says:

    When technical tools do not work for individual stocks or the indices on a longer term, how are they supposed to work in an MF.

    The best maybe to do technical analysis of the benchmark and the have a double hope that you are correct.

  4. meutsav70 says:

    I know its not a stock.

    My only curiosity is to know if there is any way to analyze it.

    I know it depends on the MF fund Manager and its strategy but that again becoming subjective analysis.

    I believe there is need to to the technical analysis of the indices of the various sectors as per its portfolio. But that is would become laborious activity.

  5. TheZionView says:

    Equity Mutual Fund is not a Stock (rather its a collection of stocks) so it cannot be put in a technical tool to see where it might go based on parameters like DMA,support level etc.

    The future of fund performance depend on the MF fund manager and its strategy.

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