Mutual fund investing book

POSTED BY Jatin Kacha ON August 22, 2012 6:10 pm COMMENTS (4)


I am new investment aveneues like stock & mutual funds.

I am looking to buy a comprehensive reference book on this topic.

Is “Everything you wanted to know about investing in Mutual Funds” by Deepa Venkatraghvan is good?

or “Indian Mutual Funds Handbook” by Sundar Sankaran ?

Or can you suggest any good book on stock & MF for beginners like me?


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  1. Dear Jatin, a lot of past articles at ‘ll provide you great info. You may read the books mentioned by you.



    1. Jatin Kacha says:


      Thanks for reply.
      I will surely checkout past article at

  2. Everything you wanted to know about investing in Mutual Funds by Deepa is a good enough reference book for begineers who have no idea about anything . You will be able to get all the info at one place .. However if you want to read it on net , you can do that also .. i mean the information part .

    1. Jatin Kacha says:


      Thanks for reply and suggestion.
      Though i am susbsribed to your blog, and have been reading all post. So i have atleast basic of MF. But i feel it is better i can get all information in source of book.

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