Mutual fund investments for long term

POSTED BY surabhi Kumar ON July 30, 2013 5:25 pm ONE COMMENT

I am looking for investing in some mutual funds for long-term. My investments till last year were with Franklin Templeton Bluechip fund, DSPBR top 100, HDFC Equity Fund. Can you suggest some funds

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  1. Why do you want more funds? The funds you have selected have good track record. if you want to invest for long term there will be periods when your funds will not do well like HDFC equity is presently doing. If you want to invest more just invest in these funds.

    no fund will be the ‘best’ fund forever. you will have to prepared for periods of underperformance. If you want to keep shifting from fund to fund you will have to take care of tax and exit loads. No guarantee that the ‘new’ will perform better AFTER you invest!

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