Mutual fund Portfolio – Guidance needed

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Hello experts,

                  Please provide your valuable guidance for my friend’s mutual fund portfolio. His aim is to create a corpus of Rs. 2 crore after 25 years. He can invest Rs.10,000/- per month. His risk profile is medium and risk tolerance is low. He prefers balanced funds as they are less volatile than pure equity funds. His portfolio is as below:

Core portfolio:

1) HDFC Prudence – Rs. 3000/- p.m 

2) Reliance RSF Balanced – Rs. 1500/- p.m

3) Birla Sun Life 95 fund –  Rs. 1500/- p.m

4) HDFC Top 200 – Rs. 1000/- p.m

Satellite portfolio :

1) ICICI Prudential Dynamic plan – Rs. 1500/- p.m

2) UTI Opportunities – Rs. 500/- p.m

3) Reliance Gold Savings Fund – Rs. 1000/- p.m

                      Is this a suitable portfolio for him? Suggest changes if any..



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  1. Avoid UTI Opportunities, ICICI Prudential Dynamic plan and Birla Sun Life 95 fund..
    increase holding in HDFC top 200 and also think for Franklin templeton equity Growth..

  2. Sreedhar

    Your friend will have to invest around 13k per month if he wants to make 2 crores in 25 yrs assuming 12% interest . Note that if he is ready to increase his investments by 5% every year , then he can start with just 9,000 per month .

    The portoflio looks over diversified to me , just choose 2 balanced funds and thats all .


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