Mutual fund portfolio – kindly review

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Dear Sir

iam 36 yrs old and investing for the long term for my daughter who is 3 yrs old now. I have term plan for 1 crore from aviva till 70 years of my age and i have also started PPF recently from may 2012 with Rs.10,000 as deposit every month

I have the following mutual funds and i have opted for SIP. I have recently started investing into mutual funds

1. Reliance gold savings fund – monthly 2000 from may 2011
2. Sundaram select mid cap – monthly 2000 from may 2011
3. Quantum long term equity fund – growth – monthly 4000 from may 2012
4. ICICI prudential focussed bluechip equity retail growth – monthly 2000 from june 2012
5, HDFC Equity – monthly 2000 from june 2012

Pls let me know if my mutual fund portfolio is diversified or if i should add / stop any funds. Want your feedback on Sundaram select mid cap which at the moment is not doing well. Should i replace it with IDFC premier equity or any other good fund

Looking forward to your view

Warm Regards,


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  1. Ramesh says:

    Your approach and working is quite good.

    My views:

    1. Putting more than 1 lakh in a PPF account is mostly not a good idea. So check that limit for the financial year.

    2. Regarding your fund choices, all of them are decent funds, and you should continue in them, without an iota of doubt. Sundaram Midcap is a very good fund, and there is no reasonable benefit in jumping around.

    3. Is all this investment for your daughter only, or is only some of it for her?

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