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I am a 37 yrs old person and have been investing in mutual funds since 2005, gradually increasing my investements. As of now, I am putting Rs 20k per month via SIPs in various funds as

DWS Alpha Eqt Reg-G Equity: Large Cap   Rs 2000 pm
Franklin India Prima-D Equity: Mid & Small Cap   Stopped
HDFC Equity-D Equity: Multi Cap   Rs 3000 pm
HDFC Prudence-D Hybrid: Equity-oriented   Stopped
HDFC Prudence-G Hybrid: Equity-oriented   Rs 3000 pm
HDFC Top 200-G Equity: Large & Mid Cap   Rs 3000 pm

 UTI Dividend Yield

Magnum Contra-D

Equity: Multi Cap  

Equity: Multi Cap 

 Rs 3000 pm


Morgan Stanley Growth-G Equity: Large & Mid Cap   Rs 2000 pm
Reliance Growth-D Equity: Mid & Small Cap   Rs 2000 pm
Sundaram Select Midcap Reg-D Equity: Mid & Small Cap   Stopped
Templeton India Eqt Income-G Equity: Multi Cap   Rs 2000 pm

My time horizon is for long term, around 15 years. My goals are to accumulate corpus of around 50 -75 Lacs for my child’s higher education, marriage and my retirement.

I would like to get your view on my fund selection and investments.



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  1. I will not select Templeton India Equity Fund and UTI fund from the above list. Rather I will select Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity and IDFC Premier Equity Fund. Don’t get attracted to funds just on the basis of short term performance. Rather, see at least 3-5 years performance and comparison with Sensex and other peers.

    Hope it will help you.

  2. Ramesh says:

    Keep 2 multicaps (HDFC equity, TIEI)
    1 mid-small cap
    1 hybrid. thats it.

  3. GaneshT says:

    Thanks for the reply. Taking inputs from your suggestions and considering my existing SIPs, I am planning to reshuffle my portfolio as below

    HDFC Equity-G – 4000
    Templeton India Eqt Income-G – 2000
    HDFC Prudence-G – 3000
    HDFC Top 200-G – 3000
    UTI Dividend Yield-G – 4000
    IDFC Small and Mid Cap-G – 4000

    In the above plan, I have 3 funds from HDFC. To prevent over dependence on one fund house, I could replace HDFC Equity with Quantum Long term Equity-G fund.

    Does this look good?


  4. First of all, you have over-diversified your portfolio. Just keep 4-5 funds and manage them wisely like your children. The following portfolio will be better.

    HDFC Top 200
    HDFC Equity Fund
    IDFC Premier Equity Fund
    Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity
    IDFC Small and Mid Cap

    All with growth option.

    Divide you monthly SIP amount in these funds.

    Review your portfolio at least once in a year.

    Also, how did you arrive at figure of Rs.75 lacs for all your liabilities? This amount is not sufficient to manage all your financial goals. Consider inflation also while selecting your target. There are various financial calculators to get the idea of such figures.

    Hope it will help you.

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