Mutual Fund SIP best frequency

POSTED BY Ramesh ON October 6, 2010 2:01 pm COMMENTS (3)

Which one is the best Mutual Fund SIP out of Weekly , Monthly, Quaterly?

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  1. prabeesh says:

    Well it depends on how much averaging that you need in your investment. Most recommended would be a monthly SIP.

    But I would prefer Weekly if i am investing in large amount say 20-30K,then i will split it as weekly and average out the investment.

    Quarterly can be choosen if you dont want too much of averaging.

  2. Ramesh

    daily SIP is too much , it does not capture the volatility well .. on the other hand quarterly is again too much far , monthly is the best i think


  3. rakesh says:

    That depends on how much you can invest. If you a ready to invest 2000 per month you can split them in to 4 installments of 500 each on different dates. This will help you to diversify.


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