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Dear all,

Hi my name is ajay, I am an NRI living in dubai for 10 years now and am employed here. I would like to take some investment related advice. I wanted to know is investment in mutual funds in india is it a good option. Please give your views

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  1. SwapnilParikh says:

    Hi Ashal, BanyanFA,
    I am a NRI based in Singapore and would like to make investments via MF route.
    Would like to seek your advise, please suggest what will be the best way to get in touch with you.

    You can contact me at +65-86798801 OR mail at swapnilparikh007 attherate

  2. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Ajay,
    It definitely makes sense to invest into Mutual funds, even more if you are a NRIs. Owing to becoming a NRI, the investment process becomes a bit more tedious to invest via stock brokers – considering that you would need PIS account and pay for costly NRI brokerage services.

    NRIs can conveniently invest into Mutual funds, as long as they have a NRE / NRO bank account and have complied with KYC – which is an easy and smooth process. The feedback which I got from several of my NRI clients who earlier used to invest directly into stock markets was :
    1. They no longer need to track India stock markets;
    2. The timing difference is no longer a pain as you would have to wake up at India time to place orders in case of investing directly into stocks;
    3. It is economically cheap to invest via Mutual funds;
    4. And above all – a dedicated fund manager is looking into the investment process.


  3. Dear Ajay, do you mean debt funds or hybrid or Eq. funds? What are your current assets & investments? What’s your current age? family size? any loan liabilities? ……………



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