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HI all, i m 26 yrs,govt.employee.i have been investing in mfs via sip for the last three months wid an investment horizon of 15 present sips are-1.HDFC TOP 200.2.RELIANCE GROWTH 3.CANARA ROBECO EQUITY TAX SAVER.1000 RS pm in each wid growth option.NOW i want to invest in 2 more mfs via monthly sip of 1000 each.plz suggest me 2 mfs to make my portfolio well diversified for wealth creation.thanx in advance.

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  1. Hi Vikrant

    First thing that we are no one to decide interest rate cycles.

    Second there are various type of asset allocation strategies but basic categorization is Fixed Asset allocation & Flexible asset allocation.
    You are talking about Flexible asset allocation which don’t work & I am talking about Fixed asset allocation(with periodic re-balancing) which is a successful strategy.

  2. Vikrant says:

    Hemant: U r correct with ur start.
    In gilt funds there is a relationship between bond prices and the interest rates. The two are inversely related. Hence a fall in interest rates, leads to a rise in bond prices and vice versa. We are expecting interest rates to hike In coming days hence drop in bond prices and finally low returns.
    I always consider debt fund and EPF as one and the same upto age of 35. We contibute 12% of basic salary so I would suggest to go for equity diversified funds and for less risk equity top 100 or 200 fund which u have already.

  3. Amit it may sound odd to others but my suggestion is to make your portfolio perfect go for 80%(Equity) & 20%(Debt) asset allocation strategy. Re-balance it every 6 months, this will reduce your risk & enhance your return.

    For this my suggestion will be start Rs 2000 SIP in any debt fund(my suggestion will be choosing some long term gilt fund but people don’t understand it much – so go for short term plan) & Rs 2000 in some other equity fund(avoid any fund from HDFC & Reliance as you already hold 1 fund from these AMC – choose some pure mid cap fund for this).

  4. Vikrant says:

    I suggest to invest Rs.1000 per month each in HDFC Equity fund and reliance regular Savings Fund – Equity.
    If u r ready to take risk then IDFC premier equity plan-A is also a good fund. Its SIP amount starts with Rs.2000.
    Also i would suggest select different dates of the month for each SIP transaction.

  5. I suggest you to invest Rs.2000/- in reliance regular Savings Fund – Equity. Don’t over-diversify your portfolio.

    Hope it will help you.

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