Mutual funds (SIP) – how to get started

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  1. oops I meant

    you will make NOT knee jerk actions like changing your funds too often etc.

  2. Choose a fund which is old has a good track record. The expense ratio will be minimized.
    Expense ratio is not something a new investor should worry about. You should first get used to the kind of fluctuating returns equity mutual funds will provide. once you get used to this you will make knee jerk actions like changing your funds too often etc.

    Blogs like Jago inv, Wealth wisher, financial literates and much more are a good source,
    Start with a balanced fund and then read.

    Expense rations will still be there whether you invest directly or not. There is also another expense called trail commission. Again for a new investor this is splitting hairs.

    Just act and dont worry. Even funds with high expense ratio (capped at 2.5%) provide decent returns.

  3. bhavik vora says:

    Thanks! Do I need to worry about Expense Ratio? And if I invest directly from HDFC, do I get discounted Expense ratio?

    Also where should I start reading about MFs

  4. assuming your title is your entire question:
    Choose a balanced mutual fund like HDFC Prudence or HDFC balanced and start a SIP. You can invest directly from HDFCs website.

    Study the performance for a few months read more about MFs and then plan your goals. You could then choose so called large-cap funds to build your a major chunk of your portfolio.

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