mutual funds through a demat is more wiser than through regular broker ?

POSTED BY Hitesh Poladia ON November 30, 2012 1:31 pm COMMENTS (2)


During my financial planning, i was advised to achieve my long term goals through SIPs in mutual funds.

Now currently i am doing my SIPs through FundsIndia. But the planner suggested to do it through a demat account for long term instead of platforms like FundsIndia. Also i dont do trading in shares so the demat account will be only used for mutual funds SIP.

I have a HDFC Savings account, so if at all it is advisable to prefer demat account for sips then i will consider it through HDFC.

So should i consider to switch over from FundsIndia to Demat Account for my mutual funds SIPs, with keeping factors like cost , security and others in mind .

Please list thee factors based on which it easy to decide over it .




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  1. Bond Bhai says:

    If you go for an account thru ICICIDirect/Sharekhan etc, you will need to pay “Annual charges” as well. Unless you do stock trading it does not make sense to go for a Trading/Demat account.

  2. Ramesh says:

    No need to do it that way. There is no advantage in doing that way.

    Ask your agent to give you the reasons for doing it.

    Do not change, unless you really have a reason, preferably written and understood by you.

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