My Experience for buying Term Plan

POSTED BY Nitin ON January 15, 2013 6:46 pm COMMENTS (18)

After some analysis I found below 2 plans suitable for my term insurance needs:
2. AVIVA i-Life

After considering some factors, I had choosen HDFC C2P and applied for it.
My medical test has been performed in 4-5 days. Few days later I got notification from HDFC that my proposal is postposned because of ‘elevated level in my blood sugar’.
It was a shocking news for me because I am a healthy person and never had any problem (touch wood).

I called hospital people (where my medical check-up was conducted) and after request they informed me that my sugar level count is 173 (normaly it should be between 70-100).

I still not belived that and went for medical check-up again by myself and found suger level count is 72(which is normal).
Then I decided to go for AVIVA i-life plan and applied for the policy.

Fortunetly/Unfortunetly, my medical examination was scheduled at same hospital, where it was conducted before for HDFC.
This time I carried my medical report (which I had done by myself) and asked hospital about the reason for differences in both reports.
According to their report my count was 173 & according to my report count was 75.

They checked again and found that it was a TYPING MISTAKE, actual count was 73 but they wrote it 173 by mistake.

Now, because of this mistake HDFC postponed my application & also my insurance records gets affected.
Hospital GM apologies for the mistake and sent clarification note to HDFC about the mistake.

Currently, my AVIVA application is under processing.

Lesson Learnt & Message: DON’t trust on any medical report if it looks surprized for you.
Please double check it with mutiple doctors or Hospital if you think it is not correct and challenge it.

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  1. Dear Nitin, I’m also holding Aviva I-life & yes al types of deaths are covered. I have already cross checked it with Aviva itself. Relax.



  2. Dear Investor, thanks for sharing your own experience. It seems, whenever there is a prem. loading due to medical test reports, the policy seeker should cross check it first as a standard practice.

    if there is any foul, the course of action is defined there what dear Nitin & you have opted.



  3. Investor says:

    Read my own Experience:

    Last year i applied online for HDFC Click2protect and paid the premium.

    My medical was scheduled with my permission and choice of hospital and it was done .

    After few days, i was told that My premium is revised as my medical was not clear…..on more inquiry i came to know that MY HbA1C is reported high ………..that test means i have a high blood sugar.

    I am a Dentist by profession and i was sure that i have never got high blood sugar.
    I immediately rushed to other standard lab and go that test done at my expense and result was with my expectation……….HbA1C was quite normail. Actually HbA1C is a average value of blood sugar in last three months ,so there no question of day to day variation .

    I complained to hdfc but as usual they didnt hear to me………but on repeated complaints they excepted my lab report and i was also asked to do one more Blood surgar test …… my own expensed……………. I argued that why should i pay ? And i will pay i need test reports but i was not given that also.

    Finally , They excepted that I didnt have any high blood sugar and my premium was retained.

    Being Medical profession, i had some surity about my health ,so i fought with them………….But Customer care service in this matter was not at all satisfactory.

    They say, all medical reports will be kept online in My account after policy issuance…….But they keep most unimportant test reports like Urine analysis, fasting bl sugar……..When i demanded for all my test reports, they simply denied.

    I own HDFC policy since last year.

  4. Nitin says:

    Dear Friends,

    Finally I got my policy document from AVIVA. However while going through the policy documents, I haven’t find anything related to types of death cover under i-life plan. I already sent a mail to customer service about this and waiting for the reply.

    During my initial discussion with customer care, they told that this plan will cover all kind of deaths including Terriorist activity, nature disasters. Even Suicide also but from 2nd year of the policy.

    Does anybody have information about the type of death cover?

  5. Kunal Dhotre says:

    Dear All,

    Thanks for the guidance as i was just about to go for a term plan.

    Kunal Dhotre

  6. Nitin says:

    Dear FFC & Ashal,

    Thank you for the appreciation.
    Yes, I am also thinking about logging a complaint in consumer court against that hospital.
    If you have some information regarding this then please share.

    Keep guiding!!

  7. Dear Nitin, please accept my salute for your constant efforts & at the end of the day, your hard work has paid off. My take away from your query, I smell a RAT here. You may call it a nexus between the Insurers & the pathology labs (medical centers) that issue a wrong report & based upon that increase the prem.

    If you are ready to fight it out more, my advice ‘ll be to report this matter to insurance ombudsman as well as IRDA also. Even you may file a consumer court case also for deficiency in services by this medical centre.



  8. Nitin says:

    Experience part#2:
    My medical examination for AVIVA ilife plan happened in same hospital (where I had for HDFC C2P plan).

    After few days, I got information from AVIVA that they have raised my premium by 50% because of ‘Increased liver enzymes’ in my body and waiting for the balance payment to issue a policy.

    It’s again a shocking news for me, since I didn’t expect it this time. But the good thing is that AVIVA has shared my medical report with me.

    I checked with 2-3 doctors about my report and according to them this increase in liver enzymes is possible for those people who drink alchohal or having fever in last 1 months.

    But for my case, I don’t take alchohal nor having any fever in last months, so doctor suspect that this time also report may be not correct.

    So again, I went for a medical test (only for Liver part this time) by myself and found that my liver report is NORMAL (as expected).

    I informed AVIVA about the same and also shared my NORAML medical report.
    After 2-3 days, finally got mail today that they have issued my policy without any extra preimum.

    Hmmmmm……buying a online term insurance looks like winning a war for me.

    1. Nitin, Thanks for sharing. Bizarre is the only word that comes to mind!

    2. Pranesh says:

      In July 2014, even I was asked for enhanced premium due to increased liver enzymes by Aviva. I did not accept increased premium as I was convinced that medical report was flawed. I asked Aviva to refund my entire premium. They deducted cost of medical test. Despite protests on not to deduct cost of medical test, they were adamant and they never refunded entire premium. After seeing your comments above this seems to be common practice followed by Aviva and one needs to complaint to IRDA.

  9. Nitin says:

    Thanks Ashal

  10. Dear Nitin, yes you may keep the letter of that hospital error as proof.



  11. Nitin says:

    @Karthikraja : HDFC gave full refund of my premium paid because of postponement from their side.

    @Dear Seniors,
    What should you suggest for me, since my insurance record is already affected because of postpond of policy (though mistake is from hospital side), what should I do so that in further my new insurance doesn’t got affected due to this?

    Should I ask hospital to give clarification letter to me about their mistake and kept it as a proof for further reference?

  12. Karthikraja says:

    Thanks for sharing this. We all try to get second opinion from Doctors for the planned procedure ( operation/surgery) except Emergency. But even we should get second opinion for the medical lab test is really new one and we should remember it.

    So you will loose the Premium paid money if it is beyond the look up period or incur the test expenses.

  13. Thanks for sharing that ! .. it was an eyeopenor .. Its always a good idea to note down few things which you can at the time of medicals itself , like atleast weight and height information .


  14. Dear Nitin, my congratulations to you for the over all things & your fight for your cause.



  15. Good that the hospital acknowledged their mistake. Your hardship not withstanding this kind of error is actually rare. What is more common is small differences. Most machines are not calibrated periodically and if a persons actual value is 95 it could come out as 105. This puts one in the danger zone. difficult to disprove this. Repeating this may or may not help.

    Must as we like to blame hospitals it is actually quite a common occurrence to see people who consider themselves perfect healthy to find out that they are in the pre-diabetic stage.

    Completely agree with your central point though: Recheck.

    Hope you have better experience next time

  16. Subhankar Das says:

    A lesson for all the readers. This implies how serious they were at the time of testing.

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