Maternity insurance rejection in group insurance from company

POSTED BY Rohit2110 ON October 29, 2010 3:48 pm COMMENTS (2)

My Maternity insurance was rejected on the basis that i did not inform my Company and TPA 72 hours prior to discharge, I have a group insurance provided my company. What should I do to get the claim?

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  1. Rohit2110 says:

    Hi Rakesh.. Thanks !!! since it was an emergancy .. I just could not inform the same…. However I did submit my bills within 15 days of discharge. I have spoken to my HR and they inturn have asked for my papers to be reopened….

  2. rakesh says:

    Its very difficult to get it done now. You can try to contact your HR and see what they can do.
    You should always inform the TPA in advance about it, you should always avail for cashless benefits. I too availed maternity benefits from my companies group plan, however when it came for additional bills post-hospitalization, i submitted them late and they rejected it saying that i should submit the docs within 1 week. Now a days TPAs have become very fussy. Just follow-up with HR/Admin hopefully they can intervene.


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