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  1. anithaveeravendhan says:


  2. Ramesh Mangal says:

    For periods of 15 years or more, I would opt for 90-100% to equity. In that sense, you have a conservative approach.

  3. I dont think it is too agreesive. Given your age, I dont think you need to invest in both HDFC Prudence and UTI Mahila. Both of these are balanced funds – Prudence is tilted towards equity (40-75% in equity) while Mahila is tilted towards debt (upto 30% in equity).
    Also, instead of Reliance Growth, I would go for Reliance Regular Savings Equity fund which is a multi-cap fund.

  4. anithaveeravendhan says:

    Do you think our portfolio is very aggressive?
    If i have to remove one fund from the above list, which one it should be?.

  5. Ramesh Mangal says:

    The fund selection appears to be good. However, if you are trying to maximising your growth, adding more debt component is probably not the right idea.

    You should continue to have a periodic review (quarterly or half-yearly) about the asset allocation. If you are savvy enough to have a dynamic asset allocation strategy, you can go ahead with a 60-90 equity and rest debt component. Otherwise, a disciplined static 70:30 or 80:20 equity:debt allocation is also good.
    Remember, do not try to chase returns by frequent chopping and changing your funds.
    Hope for the best.

  6. anithaveeravendhan says:

    As we both are 31 our investment are high on equity.We plan to add more debt component in future. At present our investment is as follows:
    Large cap fund:
    Large and mid cap oriented:
    HDFC top 200- 1000
    Mid and small cap oriented:
    Reliance growth-rs.1000
    IDFC premier equityA-Rs.2000
    Balanced with high equity exposure:
    HDFC prudence_Rs.1500
    for debt component:
    All in growth option. Plan is to continue for atleast 15 years.
    We also invest in PPF each month regularly.
    Is my portfolio O.K? Is any change necessary?
    Please reply

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