need few questions answered before I upload XML file to

POSTED BY Ashish Jain ON July 3, 2012 2:35 pm COMMENTS (6)

I am in process of filling e-return and have few questions before I upload final figures.

1. I have earned interest around 19K on my FD. The tax is deducted and TDS certificate is provided to me. Where should I mention the interest earned and TDS paid for that? can someone point me the section to fill correspondingly in e-filling excel downloaded from

2. When I see 26AS at NSDL website the TDS figure I see is slightly different than the figure mentioned in TDS certificate provided by Bank. Should I ask them to issue the fresh certificate with correct figure?

3. Bank has provided TDS certificate in plain A4 size paper and not the prescribed one – 16A. Should I be getting the 16A as I think the plain certificate is not valid?

4. Is it mandate to submit hard copy of TDC (16A) along with ITR-V form when mailing to CPC center?

Please assist me to answer above questions.

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  1. Ashish Jain says:

    Thanks a lot Ashal. Appritiate your all help.

  2. Ashish Jain says:

    Great help Ashal. Thanks.
    Couple of questions:
    1. So, as i see in TDS the total interest earned amount will go to my income other than salary and need to mention (i mean add) in ITR excel at section 1(Income from Salary / Pension) ? I just did the same. but want to confirm ?
    2. I see the difference tax amount and that i need to pay according to excel calculation. that mean i need to pay e-challan from any bank site and the details need to mention in section 25 (Details of Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax Payments) ?

    Thanks again in Advance.
    Ashish Jain.

    1. Dear Ashish, Yes is the answer for both question.



  3. Dear Ashish, it seems, bank has not yet uploaded it’s TDS return in to the system for March Quarter. that’s why the same is not available in Form 26AS. Regarding that June Quarter, some one has rounded off to next 10 Rs. multiple.

    Please visit your bank & inform for both issues – June 6 Rs. extra & March yet to be uploaded. The bank ‘ll rectify it’s mistake.

    That A4 size paper is indeed your form 16A. No need to upload any other attachment while filing your ITR. Please put the TDS figures into your ITR. Calculate Tax. Pay the difference amount of tax due to your 30% tax slab & TDS deducted is 10%. Re-enter the details of tax paid by self. Finalize the ITR & Upload the same into the system.



  4. Ashish Jain says:

    Hi Ashal,
    I fall under 30% tax bracket. The difference is in TDS cut for 3 quarters. Please take a look at the figures from 26AS and TDS certificate provided by Bank.

    Month Interest earned TDS CUT
    Jun11 5660 566
    Sep11 5775 577
    Dec11 5901 590

    TDS Certificate
    Month Interest earned TDS CUT
    Jun11 5654 566
    Sep11 5775 577
    Dec11 5901 590
    Mar12 4238 424

    The first difference is in the interest earned for June quarter, and second difference is in the Mar 12 data, which is not showing up in the 26AS but in TDS certificate. Can you please answer me other questions too?

    Thanks in Advance
    Ashish Jain.

  5. Dear Ashish, May i know your current Tax slab & what’s the exact difference in TDS figures of Bank & 26AS?



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