need GOLD ETF funds?

POSTED BY Ravindra ON July 4, 2012 2:21 pm COMMENTS (2)

Can You suggest me best Gold ETF
I want to invest 2000 in sip mode .


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  1. BanyanFA says:

    As Ashal mentioned, Gold ETF does not allow SIP.

    The way it works :
    1. Gold ETFs invest into Gold
    2. Gold Funds are Mutual Funds invest into Gold ETFs
    3. Gold ETFs are listed on stock exchange and do not offer the facility to do SIP as it is a functionality of a Mutual Fund.

    Amongst good Gold Funds are Reliance Gold Fund.

  2. Dear Ravindra, you can’t have direct SIP in a Gold ETF. You may invest through SIP only by investing in a Gold saving fund.

    Quantum Gold Saving fund is a good fund.



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