Need Help — File a case against Celkon Mobile Company

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Hi Friends,
I bought Celkon C203 on 13th, June, 2012 from Sangeetha Mobile Store. Few days after, I got an issue regarding Networking Problem. So i contacted Celkon Customer Care office at Dilsukhnagar (Hyderabad), they said it was a Manufacturing Defect and took my mobile for 6 days for installing new software.
But the next day, Cell Phone mike did not work properly. So again i contacted customer care and they took my mobile for 4 days to solve the problem.
Today i got another issue: Memory card is not detected. So i went to customer care, and they said it was a mother board fault (Hardware Problem). They want to send my mobile to the Head Office of Celkon. I agreed. But they saying it will take 25 working days to solve the problem. So what can i do now?!! I want to file a case against Celkon in Consumer court. But i don’t know the procedure and how much money i need to file a case?

Still my mobile has Network Problems.


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  1. somasekhar says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Thanks for sharing those websites. Just now i filed a complaint using, and i will send a legal notice using


  2. This is clear case of bad delivery . You can file a consumer complaints using or send them a legal notice using


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