Need suggesion on mutual fund investment

POSTED BY Avisek Das ON January 13, 2013 1:12 pm COMMENTS (2)


I am interested to invest in sip,but confused to choose which one i better. I am very new in this investment target is to invest 1000 to 1500 per month in the mutual fund.I am keen to take risk so please suggest me whic one is suitable for me .

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  1. waris says:

    Dear avisek,
    There are many querries like yours on the forum u can go through them.

  2. first choose a goal. then decide how much to invest in equity for this goal. then choose a good large-cap fund and invest 60-70% of equity component you can invest there. then choose a mid- and small-cap fund and invest the rest if the equity component.

    For example if you can invest 1000 each month and can invest in equity to about 80% then
    800 goes to MFs. Out of this 800 put 60-70% in the large cap fund.

    Franklin Indian Blue Chip is a good large cap fund
    Quantum long term equity is a good large and mid-cap fund
    IDFC premier equity is a good mid and small cap fund

    you can use this to see how to select a MF

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