Need to mature my portfolio as per my requirements.

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I want you to review my investment portfolio. I did not have invested till the time so much but now i want to start my investment in healthy way. So need your suggestions.

I am 30 years old. I am in Gurgaon(India). My wife is not working and I have 5 months old daughter. My take home salary is 71000 p.m. After house hold expenses I am left with INR 30000 p.m. which remains untouched.I want to invest this amount in such a way that i should be fullfill my cash and investment needs. Please suggest me the instruments in which I can put my money and get good returns.


1. Purchase House            (40 lakh)
2. Car                       (6 Lakh)
3. Child Education after 2 years
4. Pension for me and my wife (I want to retire in 50 Years)


I do not want to invest in direct equity as i do not have that knowledge but i am open to invest in good mutual funds because i heared that M.F are comparatively safe.

Currently I am investing in following instruments: I have 3 lakh cash for emergency. I can invest 30000 / month after all expenses. Can you please advise me how can i invest this amount to create good wealth and achieve financial targets.

I have started PPF(5833/month), 2 Recurring Deposits(3000 each/month)(at 9.25% for 5 years), icici Pension Plan (4167/month), Term Insurance Plan(Lic), Health Insurance is from my company(worth 5 Lakh).

1. Please suggest in which instruments i can invest safely and how can i design my investment portfolio to get good money. My risk appetite is average.
2. Please suggest in which M.F i can invest to get good wealth

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  1. @ Aditya..
    Though your profile requires full fledged calculation before giving any advice. But still i would like to stress on one point here which you are not paying any attention on …..
    Before planning for any investmnts you should be adequately Insured with suitable Life, Health and Personal accident Policy. Don’t depend on your employer provided cover only.
    All your savings and Investments and Plans can go haywire in case of any mishappening in the absence of adequate Insurance coverages.

  2. Ramesh says:

    @ aditya

    your question is too broad.

    Basically you require a firm financial planning. It is a better idea to get yourself a proper financial planner and discuss each and every thing with him. Or you go through this forum and other websites / books / etc and educate yourself. keep abreast of things.

    10-11% in 4-5 years. No one can guarantee that. Plus, what about afterwards.


  3. Aditya

    Yea these goals are realistic , but then again in which time frame ? Over a short term like 4-5 ys ,you should not expect more than 10-11% return , which means you will be able to make around 18-20 lacs . Downpayment of house can happen , but for car your should wait a bit more . Concentrate more on child education expenses .

    1. aditya prashar says:


      Thanks for response 🙂

      1. can you please suggest me the instruments with which i can get 10% – 11% return in 4-5 years, if it suits to forum policies?
      2. with 30000/month as upper limit, how should i divide in various instruments (R.D, M.F, PPF etc.)


  4. aditya prashar says:

    Hi Manish,

    being precise with my question…..

    I have set following targets to acheive in my life. I have planned to invest 30000 / month to achive these targets. I have term insurance and medical policy from my company.

    1. Purchase House (10 lakh for downpayment)
    2. Car (6 Lakh)
    3. Child Education after 2 years (dont know what amount is the good amount but roughly 6 lakhs initially)
    4. Pension for me and my wife (I want to retire in 50 Years 2 crores)


    1. are these targets realistic?
    2. is 30000 / month is sufficient enough to get these things
    3. I want to create my investment portfolio so that i will get good return)

    Hope this time i am clear with my questions.

    Aditya Prashar

  5. Aditya

    You have put all your financial data here and calls for full financial planning , you should ask specific short questions so that one can answer it .


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