Need your suggestion to start SIP

POSTED BY premneedhelp ON July 12, 2012 8:27 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Experts, I want to start a SIP for long term ( Say 10 yr).I already have a SIP in DSP-BR India TIGER – RP (G) since Jan 2010 which ( Net gain as of today is – -6.78% ). I also have invested a small lump sum amount in HDFC Top 200 Fund (G) ( Net gain as of today 14.22%) and Reliance Diver. Power – RP (G)since 2010 ( Net gain -27.23%%). Could you please suggest me one good MF to start the SIP for 10 Year? One more thing , I realized that DSP-BR India TIGER is not doing well and same is applicable to Reliance Power. Should I redeem/switch these funds? I invested in these MFs as my long term investment. Thanks alot in advance.

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    Thanks Ashal for your suggestion..

  2. Dear premneedhelp, out of the 3 funds you are investing in as of now, DSP TIGER & Rel. Div. Power are sectoral funds & these should be in your core portfolio.

    My take ‘ll be to STOP SIP in DSP TIGER & Rel. Div. Power & divert the amount into Quantum Long Term Eq. fund.



    1. Dear Premneedyourhelp, there is a typo error, the 2 sectoral funds should not be in your core portfolio.

      I’m sorry for the typo error. Rest is as it is.



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