New to stock market ?- Lets place our small questions to our experts advice

POSTED BY Vijaya ON October 26, 2010 6:06 pm COMMENTS (3)


I thought of starting this thread as it might be helpful for the new comers in stock market to ask their silly/small questions…

To start with here are my questions. appreciate your valuable advice.

1. where do i find the list of top companies listed in nse and bse

2. Excel sheet to calculate and to control my stocks with the parameters to watch before buying the stock and after buying the stock.

3. How do i find a company falls in mid cap or large cap or small cap.

thanks a lot



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  1. Vijaya says:

    Thanks for your reply,

    in second point, i am looking for 2 spread sheets

    1. A spreadsheet, in which i can keep a track of the stocks i bought.
    2. A spreadsheet in which i can watch the stocks which i like to buy. In this case, i am totally not aware what are the parameters i should look for.

    Trust i am clear in what i am looking at. your reply will be highly appreciated.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      I would try to simplify – you are actually looking for a portfolio tracking tool in 1st one while a good watch-list in 2nd one! Why to complicate 😉

      The parameters you are looking for, as I said are mostly available on a paid subscription basis in reports, etc. Or they are also available on bseindia/ nseindia and stock-market related websites like moneycontrol. But on these websites, one needs to know a lot about markets to take something meaningful away.

      To repeat, we are working on something which is in limited access mode right now & can share the access with you. email me your details (id mentioned above) & I shall try to help you as much as possible!


  2. Santosh Navlani says:


    Not able to understand what you mean by 2nd question.

    On 3rd – there is no definite criteria for this. however its safe to assume companies having market cap larger than market cap of smallest companies in Nifty as large-cap stock. Similarly for mid-cap, you can consider CNX Midcap instead of Nifty above.

    For the 1st one – its a data which is available only through your own research or buying a paid one. However, there is something which we are working on at my company, so drop in an email to santosh DOT navlani AT gmail DOT com. I may be able to help you (for free :))

    Hope this helps!


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