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I hear a lot about NHPC ,how good is it? from the balance sheet i see a 6-8% profit every year that doesnt look very attractive,is it worth a buy?

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  1. Rajendran says:

    Thats fine Hemant. I remember b’coz I am one of those who stuck in that stock at 36…

    1. Hemant B says:


      Let me start a discussion on the forum – on the same topic.

  2. Hemant B says:

    Thanks Rajendra

    I don’t have that sharp memory & as also I don’t research equities 😉

  3. Rajendran says:

    Small correction NHPC was provided @36 not @35.

  4. Hemant B says:

    These are utility companies & there return on equity is in similar range as you have mentioned.

    Its IPO came last August at Rs 35 & now it is trading at Rs 32. This is the reason we say IPO stands for “Its Probably Overpriced”

    Disclaimer: I don’t research equity.

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