NON Receipt of Dividend from IILFS Pvt equity

POSTED BY Sunil Hemnani ON October 6, 2012 1:38 pm ONE COMMENT

I  happen  to  an  investor  in  the  aforesaid  company  since  many  years . Now  i  have  recently  relocated (almost  6 months  ago) . I have  taken  care  to  send  letters  to  the  registerar of  IILFS ,NAMELY “LINKINTIME ”  located  in  MUMBAI . This  has  been  done  via  the  precribed  format  the  company  has . Now  despite  doing  this  the  company sends the  dividend  to  my  old  address . This  being  despite  reminders  by  phone  and  email . However  the  records  just  dont  show  the  change in  address .Now  after  contiously knoking  on  the  door  of  the  company (LINKINTIME ) I  finally  get  a  response that  i  am  required  to  wait  for  a  reconcilation  period  after  which  i  will  be  required  to  fill a  form  to  which  the  company  will take action . Now  this  response  has  come  after 2  months  of  repeated email  enquires  which  get  no  response  meanwhile .Now  when  i  finally  lose  patience and  call  over  and  over  again .The  receiver  is  merely  lifted  not  even  a  hello  and  its  placed  aside .Nobody  wants  to  hear  your  complaint or  issue . I am  wondering  just  how  do  i  get  my  dividend  from  LINKINTIME  or  IILFS .Ihave  all  the  details of  the  dividend ie  warrant  number  etc .

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  1. MD RAZI HAIDER says:

    Please send the mail to (
    They would Certainly take the matter seriously and copy mark to your DP Branch Also.

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