NPS available through ICICIDirect

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ICICIDirect is now offering NPS through its online portal , how many are going to invest through it ? ICICI Securities Limited (I-Sec) has obtained the Point of Presence (POP) Registration Certificate from PFRDA to offer NPS accounts. Under NPS, following two types of accounts will be available to you:

Tier I account : You shall contribute your savings for retirement into this non-withdrawable account.Tier I account is available.

Tier II account : This is a voluntary savings facility. You will be free to withdraw your savings from this account whenever you wish. The operationalisation of Tier II account shall be notified shortly.

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  1. Ashis Patra says:

    FYI FundsIndia is also offering NPS subscription

  2. Atul says:

    I would stick to PPF, Mutual fund and equity.

    The service charges as displayed in ICICI direct website is as follows :

    Sr. No. Particulars I-Sec Charges Service Charges Service TAX
    1 Initial Subscriber Registration and contribution upload (Tier I) Rs. 40
    (Rs.20 is towards PRAN and Rs.20 towards Initial Subscription Amount) As applicable
    2 Activation of NPS – Tier II Account Rs. 20 As applicable
    3 Regular Contribution Charges Rs. 20 As applicable
    4 Change in Subscriber Nominees Details Rs. 20 As applicable
    5 Change of Investment Scheme/Fund Manager Rs. 20 As applicable
    6 Processing of Withdrawal Requests Rs. 20 As applicable
    7 Processing of request for subscriber shifting Rs. 20 As applicable
    8 Issuance of printed Account statements Rs. 20 As applicable
    9 Any other service services as may be prescribed by PFRDA Rs. 20 As applicable

  3. Arch says:

    Thats a good move to attract new customers. Any idea if ICICI is adding any extra service charge for this facility?

    I would personally still wait and watch as NPS is still not that compelling compared to other market options apart from the low charges.

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