NPS Returns,although

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Respected Sir,

Since inception what is the highest CAGR that the  NPS scheme given to its investors. Can it be comparable to long time tested and proven High CAGR given by Best Mutual fund in india. 

If i have to build a corpus for my retirement than i will naturally invest in Proven MF in form of SIP, for say 23yrs. that are left in my retirement. Can any other investment beat the returns that ,although not assured,but certainly yielded,Average 15% annually.

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  1. NPS offers you 2 options

    a) 100% debt
    b) 50% debt & 50% equity

    Now, comparing with mutual funds is not just possible here. Because equity mutual funds invest 100% in equity.

    Last year NPS returns vary from 15% – 19% p.a. for option (b). And of course, equity mutual funds have given more return.

    You can invest your money in property also. That also one way of creating wealth in long term.

    Hope this will help you.

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