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Can anybody or company guys explains the best proved ways for taking term plan/mediclaim and investing option for NRIs?

I hope here we will get all related answers for NRI insurance planning & investing options.

Example of que: Are the NRI eligible to Open PPF account?

Which companies are providing Term Plan / Health plan to NRI?

What are the documents required as per govt bodies?

and finally as you guys have done excellent reseach work and familiar with  many products available in market, why you guys not suggesting the plan with product name. It is always good if product is good for all.

My view is not pointing towards marketing any product but based on reaserch on market i am expecting those.



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  1. Dear Jig, no PPF is not allowed for NRI, Yes old account can be run till it’s normal maturity of 15Y or 5Y block period whichever is the case.

    For term plans, we have discussed many times in the past.

    For Health plans, NO.

    PAN Card, Passport, Address Proof of country of living, bank account statement



  2. Abhishek Srivastava says:

    No, NRI Are not allowed to open PPF accounts.Jig, its better to take some expert advice. The scope for foreign investment in India is unlimited. Try asking your question on

  3. Manish Bansal says:

    Many life Insurance Co. Provides Insurance TO NRI
    LIC, Kotak < Birla Sunlife , ICICI and many more.

  4. Manish Bansal says:

    Are the NRI eligible to Open PPF account?
    NO NRI are not Eligible for Investing in PPF and if and when the accounts office comes to know of the anomaly, the deposit will be returned to the investor, without any interest.

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