offline trading or online trading

POSTED BY raja rakesh ON October 4, 2010 7:22 pm COMMENTS (5)

i contacted a kotak securities broker and iam new to the stosk trading.

he told me of online trading/offline trading.he said that offline trading is done by themselves(the broker) and online trading by us (account holder)

he further told me that he can ensure 2-3% returns on my investment every day through offline trding.iam planning to make onetime investment 20000rs and earn minimum of 500rs evry day.


please help me

thank you


can itrust this offline trading and leave it the kotak securities to earn for me.

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  1. sidrana7 says:


    “.iam planning to make onetime investment 20000rs and earn minimum of 500rs evry day.”

    So if you invest today Rs20k
    by the end of the first month you have earned Rs10k. (20 trading days x Rs500)
    by the end of the year =Rs1.2L without considering the added wealth.
    Thats minimum of 600% return.

    Doesnt it look too good to believe?
    if this was the true case then they can make India much richer than the world itself!

    Been there done that got the t-shirt. Be aware.


  2. rakesh says:

    Yes offline trading is done by brokerage houses on your behalf. You open an account with them and deposit a certain amount. They will invest the money in the market and if they make profit will deduct their share and give you the balance. In case of losses they won’t share, you will have to bear it yourself.


    1. raja rakesh says:

      ur replies are most appreciated

      thank you

  3. rakesh says:

    Don’t trust any agent, no one can guarantee returns in stock market. If they could guarantee everyone would be investing in stock markets. Do your own research and invest by yourself.
    For starts invest in mutual funds.


    1. raja rakesh says:

      is there some thing like offline trading done by the brokerages on behalf of the investors?

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