Online payment of PPF- Tax Proof

POSTED BY sainath ON December 2, 2012 6:02 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hi Friends,

I am planning to make online payment to my PPF account. In that case, what would be the proof for payment for Income tax deduction claim since i would not be having the challan. Will the updated PF transaction book suffice?

Thanks for the replies.

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  1. sainath says:

    Thank you all.

  2. Deepthy says:

    Even if the SBI PPF account is not linked to your SBI Saving A/c (in banking language if your CIFs/Customer Info Files are different), if you have internet banking activated on your SBI PPF account, you can always get the PPF account statement PDF downloaded & submit it as tax proof

  3. BanyanFA says:

    Yes it would. Further, these days you don’t need to submit the evidence along with the tax return (unless called for specifically). Even your PPF statement / passbook would be an evidence when needed.

  4. Yes the updated transaction book will suffice. Been doing it for many years.
    Ask you bank if they can link your PPF acc to your online SB acc,
    Then you could just print out the statement

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