Online Trading Platform – Cheapest and Best?

POSTED BY Ram ON October 7, 2010 9:29 pm COMMENTS (3)

Which online share trading platform is the cheapest and best according to you? This question is specific to delivery-based trading.



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  1. vinodkumaryadav says:

    Check out with as it online trading system for investment accounts (NSE, BSE) from Bangalore. It is a discount brokerage firm wherein you can get unlimited shares at just Rs 15. It offer great service and great value and also allows to profit from frequent trades with smaller spreads regardless of how you trade, you save money, big money.

  2. Suresh says: has only delivery based platform.

  3. Almost all the brokers offers same brokerage in the beginning. You can bargain for some while opening the account & if you do good volume trading, they can even reduce it further. You can request for reduced brokerage after at least 3 months.

    Your main criteria should be good & easy reachable customer support, fast online platform & transparency.

    Hope it will Help you.

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