Opinion about TATA AIG Mahalife and TATA AIG Invest assure II plan.

POSTED BY confusedinvestor ON October 21, 2010 6:21 pm ONE COMMENT


I need help. I have taken combination of TATA AIG Mahalife (whole life policy) and Invest Assure II plan (ULIP). I have to pay premium for 10 years for both plans and there after the returns from Mahalife will take care of Invest Assure II premium for next 15 years. I have completed 3 years premium. Since the annual premium is exhorbitant I am confused whether to continue ahead or discontinue and accept surrender value (which is just 10% of total premium paid).

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  1. Ahh .. thats very bad .. What kind of surrender value is 10% , open looting .

    You dont have to think with so much of complication , just see what is the CAGR return you are expecting , if its less than 9-10% , it might not be the best thing to go for . Avoid


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