Optimum Health Insurance for my family

POSTED BY GAGAN SINGH ON August 26, 2013 9:31 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Manish/nandish

I am 29 years old married and currently with no kids. My family is my wife and my parents (who do not stay with me currently). I also have an elder brother and his family is of two kids and my sister in law.

I am planning to have a kid in 2-3 years. Currently my wife and I have health insurance of Oriental Insurance of Rs 2 lac each given from my company.


I have done some basic research on plans of various companies, however, they offer combinations of various risks. Here is where I am getting confused, as to which risks should i get covered to, and which plan should suit me best.


sometimes i also think that ailments like cancer and diabeties, which most people are prone to are likely to happen almost 10-15 years down the line. so should i spend in premiums or Health insurance or should i start an FD or SIP of that same amount which shall help me better.

kindly advise

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  1. Dear Gagan, if you are so sure that for nexrt 15Y, you ‘ll not get the said illness, please do not purchase any health plan. Even you should not purchase any term plan either.

    Life is full of uncertainity. Insurance is to cover the risk out of that uncertainity.



  2. What will you if you get cancer today? Or meet with an accident and expenses are greater than 2 Lakhs?

    Get individual mediclaim covers for you and wife and parents. Almost all mediclaim policies have the same kind of exclusions.

    Do not confuse a critical illness policy with mediclaim.

    You should definitely start building a medical corpus with a SIP in a well diversified equity fund. That is independent of individual mediclaim in addition to company cover,

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