Partial or total disability insurance

POSTED BY Dnyaneshwar Vyavahare ON July 24, 2013 6:00 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello All,

I need information regarding partial or total disability insurance. I am NRI and have enough term insurce (including accidental cover).

But i am thinking if some thing happens and get partial or permanent disability, then what? Is there any insurance product in market which covers both types of disability?

One important thing, that product should have premium waiver facility as well. Because, someone won’t be able to work if he or she is physical disabled.

I tried to search a lot but most of them either have partial or total disability cover but missing premium waiver facility 🙁

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  1. Dear DN Yanesh, being NRI, why are you searching in India & not in your actual country of job?



  2. BanyanFA says:

    I have seen Bajaj Allianz open for NRI customers.

    The definition of disability includes partial disability as well. However the amount of funds given are less in case of partial disability compared to full disability. This is available in the form of riders on the term insurance policy. There are some insurance companies which provide this cover on a stand alone basis as well.

    An example of benefits in case of partial disability on Bajaj’s website is :

    Scale of benefits description Compensation as% of sum insured
    An arm at the shoulder joint 70
    An arm above the elbow joint 65
    An arm beneath the elbow joint 60
    A hand at the wrist 55
    A thumb 20
    An index finger 10
    Any other finger 5
    A leg above the mid-thigh 70
    A leg upto mid-thigh 60
    A leg upto beneath the knee 50
    A leg upto mid-calf 45
    A foot at the ankle 40
    A large toe 5
    Any other toe 2
    An eye 50
    Hearing loss in one ear 30
    Hearing loss on both ears 75
    Sense of smell 10

  3. Such policies are unlikely to have premium waiver. That feature is usually available only in policies where your premium is invested. In this case it is not.

    Are you sure such policies will cover NRIs?

    For accident happening abroad the procedure and paperwork will be different. It will be a hassle getting the claim through.

    Best to get one in the country of residence.

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